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Explore the history of technology and industry, from the industrial revolution to stories of industrialists, economists and ordinary working lives.

Explore hand-crafted written materials from papyrus to paper. Discover texts, illuminations and the people behind them from antiquity to the early print era.

Explore the physical and human features of the Earth. Discover maps and map-makers, landscapes and the people who have explored them.

Humans have always moved from one place to another. Discover the stories of famous migrants and the journeys and lives of ordinary people to, from and within Europe.

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Explore disability stories, narratives and heritage from Europe and beyond

logo featuring a grey world map with overlaid gold words 'World Festival of Cultural Diversity'

With Khalili Foundation, discover stories of cross-cultural exchange, under-represented cultures and European culture

Find your crayons! Sharpen your coloured pencils! And enjoy adding colours in one of the books we have prepared for you.

a black and white photograph of a man sitting behind a loom-like device that has multiple threads coming down into the spine of a book. The man is in the process of threading a new page through the threads to add to the book.

Heritage showing how artisans and crafters have shaped and remade culture through the ages

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Historical overview of technological objects used to view and screen movies at home: from the Kinora, Pathé KOK 28mm, Pathé Baby 9.5mm, Kodascope 16mm and 8mm film projectors at the beginning of the 20th century to Super 8 film projectors, VHS, Video2000,…

September 13 is National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day. On this day, children are encouraged to help plan, prepare and cook the food. In our gallery, we have collected children's toys from Hungarian museums. These are miniature copies of adult kitche…

Figures of the zodiac in art through the ages and works that recall the characteristics of the zodiac signs in astrology

Photographer Wilhelm Weimar (1857-1917) had a highly individual style. His 'Herbarium' of 1901 is a unique portfolio of organic compositions that testifies to his striking sense of composition, texture and detail.

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Δημοτική Βιβλιοθήκη Πατρών (ΔΒΠ)

Zimmermann, Helmut

Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache - Bibliothek

Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart