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With Khalili Foundation, discover stories of cross-cultural exchange, under-represented cultures and European culture

a black and white photograph of a man sitting behind a loom-like device that has multiple threads coming down into the spine of a book. The man is in the process of threading a new page through the threads to add to the book.

Heritage showing how artisans and crafters have shaped and remade culture through the ages

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Picture postcard views of locations around Europe: some beautiful, some mundane, but all fascinating.

The spiny-cheek crayfish originated in North America and was brought to Europe at the end of the 19th century. The up-to-12cm long crayfish is widespread in various countries of middle Europe. They transmit a specific plague that threatens local crayfish …

"No Shave November" and "Movember" are both movements to raise awareness of men's health issues. An interesting fact about the Hungarian beard and mustache: At the beginning of the 18th century Hungarian peasantry was forced to sh…

The mastery that characterises Maiolica of Castelli from XVI to XIX century in Italy can be seen in this collection, which ranges from the distinctive majolica, known for their vibrancy and detailed narratives, to the practical ceramics vessels. Each piec…

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Sar, Wouter van der

Cultural Heritage Agency of the Netherlands

Kretingos apskrities darbo žmonių deputatų tarybos vykdomasis komitetas

Klaipėda Regional State Archives

Naturalis Biodiversity Center