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Find your crayons! Sharpen your coloured pencils! And enjoy adding colours in one of the books we have prepared for you.

Explore the histories of Black people in Europe

Explore stories from medieval Europe: from monastic rules to court culture to university education.

a black and white photograph of a man sitting behind a loom-like device that has multiple threads coming down into the spine of a book. The man is in the process of threading a new page through the threads to add to the book.

Heritage showing how artisans and crafters have shaped and remade culture through the ages

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Explore this gallery showing how artists have been influenced by and portrayed sports and games.

Female literacy during the Middle Ages was surprisingly high. Nuns were authors and scribes. Many other women encouraged reading and learning, especially noble woman. One example was Christine de Pizan, a poet at the court of King Charles VI of France.

The Cathedral of San Martino is in Romanesque Gothic style, with a polychrome marble facade. Founded in the 6th century by San Frediano, a bishop of Irish origin, San Martino became a bishopric from the 8th century in place of the ancient church of Santi …

On the border between the macabre and the curious, the interest in gloomy places gives rise to relevant phenomena, such as 'necrotourism' for example. It can be included in the broader phenomenon of dark tourism, which leads visitors to discover u…

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