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Explore the study of animals and plants through drawings, photographs and texts of specimens and the biologists and botanists who studied them.

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Explore the history of photography, discover incredible images and find out about the photographers behind them.

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Explore disability stories, narratives and heritage from Europe and beyond

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With Khalili Foundation, discover stories of cross-cultural exchange, under-represented cultures and European culture

Find your crayons! Sharpen your coloured pencils! And enjoy adding colours in one of the books we have prepared for you.

a black and white photograph of a man sitting behind a loom-like device that has multiple threads coming down into the spine of a book. The man is in the process of threading a new page through the threads to add to the book.

Heritage showing how artisans and crafters have shaped and remade culture through the ages

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Coffee is one of the most popular hot beverage across the world, helping people stay alert and focused. Short rests known as 'coffee breaks' have been written into labour laws of most countries. They provide a much-needed pause from work for both …

The mastery that characterises Maiolica of Castelli from XVI to XIX century in Italy can be seen in this collection, which ranges from the distinctive majolica, known for their vibrancy and detailed narratives, to the practical ceramics vessels. Each piec…

A Fibula holds clothes together - its function was similar to the modern safety pin. Known since prehistoric times and used until the Middle Ages, its ornamentation and refinement were in proportion to the wealth of the wearer. The shape of the fibulae is…

Elche is a Spanish city by the Mediterranean Sea, with two UNESCO world heritages: the Palmeral (palm grove), and the Misteri d'Elx theater play (intangible heritage).

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Lindegren, Yrjö; Havas, Heikki

Museum of Finnish Architecture

Μισιτζής, Δ.Κ.

Δημοτική Βιβλιοθήκη Πατρών (ΔΒΠ)

Pohlschmidt, Monika

Leibniz-Institut für Deutsche Sprache - Bibliothek

J.J.A. Goeverneur (1809-1889)

National Library of the Netherlands