Making Culture

Artisans and crafters have been #craftingheritage by shaping and remaking culture through the ages, passing down legacies of skill, knowledge and manufacture.


Watch and learn about the history of crafts

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thumbnail early radios
Early Radios

How radios went from handcrafted machines to mass-marketed products in every home

Nature Crafting Fashion

Explore the relationship between fashion, nature and craft

Table covers with floral patterns. In the centre a round portrait with a woman sitting, on her lap a basket with flowers

find the floral patterns in crafty motifs

knitted jumper in blues, greys and whites, with a large cat's head motif on the front

animals and creatures have long excited the creativity of pattern designers and weavers

The Sea

The ocean also proved to be a place of treasures for designers and craftspeople.

Silk and Wool

Nature supplies the raw materials to create accessories and clothes that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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Blogs and exhibitions

Blog post
Master Basketweaver Nico Solimano

A chat with the basket maker Nicola Solimano

Brankica Zilovic is wearing sneakers, black socks, wide white pants and a teal sweater and lounges casually in a chair. Behind her on the wall is an artwork made by her made up of multicoloured threads woven together into patterns.
Blog post
Brankica Zilovic

In conversation with contemporary artist and professor Brankica Zilovic

Blog post
Intricate Intrigue

The craft of jewellery-making in Byzantium

Blog post
How to make an Easter egg

Learn about the history of easter eggs and different techniques to make your own

A tray with 19 colourful embroidered buttons
Blog post
Women crafting freedom

The Antonia Suardi collection showcases the creative independence and activism of embroidery.

a painting of a woman wearing a white bonnet sitting next to a window, a large lace pin cushion in front of her.
Blog post
Lace, a labour of love

Follow the evolution of lace craft, from myth to machine

Blog post
Traditional beer brewing

With today’s craft beer movement, the origins of beer culture come more and more to the fore.

Scallop-shaped covered bowl with a leaf-shaped stand with dragon in a bright aquamarine colour
Porcelain and Pottery

Even the simplest object often conveys a long and interesting history: that can be said of china or porcelain pottery.

crop of a painting showing three Chinese figures, two are in dark blue clothing, a woman (in the middle) wears pink and green clothing
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Chinese export paintings

Produced by Chinese craftsmen, these paintings were souvenirs that symbolised global trade

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Blog post
Fàbrica Gròber: industrial landmark

The Fàbrica Gròber textile factory is a landmark of Girona history even today, 40 years after its closure.


Easter eggs

Across Europe, Easter is celebrated with Easter eggs, decorated in a variety of ways and techniques.

Endangered Crafts

Industrialization has led to many crafts only being remembered in heritage studies

a red and white towel, folded in half
Ukrainian ceremonial towels

White linen towels embroidered with red thread were of special importance to the Ukrainians

a large church bell with intricate carvings sits on a white background
Saved Bells

In the Museum of Arts and Crafts, Zagreb, there is a collection of 40 church bells saved in WWI from being melted down.

a strip of lace
The art of Bobbin Lace

Tools and hands work together to braid and twist lengths of threads and create complex and beautiful motifs

a piece of needle lace in an oval shape showing a woman in long dress holding a parrot on her hand.
Needle Lace

Skilled hands can create graceful designs using just one thread. A remarkable technique admired over centuries

a black and white photograph of a man sitting behind a loom-like device that has multiple threads coming down into the spine of a book. The man is in the process of threading a new page through the threads to add to the book.

Whether it's for letterpress binding or stationery binding, bookbinding is a fascinating process.

Stained glass

Explore the beauty of stained glass, a centuries-old art form


A video gallery depicting beekeeping and beekeepers from throughout the 20th Century

Textile industry

From cotton and linen, weaving and spinning, the textile industry has employed people across Europe for centuries.

Textiles in the pre-Columbian Peru

Textiles were naturally used for clothing and decoration but were, above all, a valuable commodity.

From the workshop to the field

In this video gallery, craftsmen and -women from Germany and Central Europe show their outstanding skills.