Disability History

During Disability Pride Month find disability stories and heritage from Europe and beyond


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women take part in the harvest of wheat in a Ukrainian field. A child holds a baby in her arms on the side of the field. A backdrop of gently sloping hills and a blue sky dappled with a few clouds constitute the background.
Solidarity with Ukraine

The Europeana Initiative stands in solidarity with the people of Ukraine

A woman with curly hair waving the pride flag while walking down the street in a crowd of people.
Blog post
LGBTQ+ rights in Spain

Opening the future to the dreams of the past

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thumbnail early radios
Early Radios

How radios went from handcrafted machines to mass-marketed products in every home

The Jean Monnet House

Learn about a seemingly ordinary family home where Jean Monnet’s vision of peace and European unity was established

Photograph of Magnus Hirschfeld, who is sitting on a sofa
Blog post
Magnus Hirschfeld

Pioneering German sexologist who was one of the earliest LGBTQ+ rights activists

map of Europe showing the routes of the Orient Express
Blog post
The Orient Express

Explore the history of 'the king of trains, and train of kings'

Comb in the form of two dragonflies
Nature crafting fashion

Explore the relationship between fashion, nature and craft

cover of a booklet with title 'The Olympic Games and the Duke of Westminster's Appeal for £100,000'
Blog post
An Olympic appeal

When the Duke of Westminster aimed to raise £100,000 for amateur athletes in the early 20th century

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illustration with woman holding a megaphone and stylised splashes behind her
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black and white photograph of a young woman holding a horn-like musical instrument and a bag with an image of the horn
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Portrait of Alphonse Leroy, seated at a writing desk in red garb and wearing a blue and red turban. Alphonse is holding a quill and stares directly at the viewer.
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Camille Saint-Saëns

Collections relating to the French composer, organist, conductor and pianist

Clara Schumann

One of the most distinguished pianists of the Romantic era

Slovenian tourism in the 1980s

How Slovenia’s tourist gems promoted sustainable tourism and local cuisine in the 1980s

colour illustration of three yellow and silver fish swimming above a coral reef
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Sukellusveneverkon koho (iso)

Forum Marinum

Airam OY:n tehtaalta, nainen työpöytänsä ääressä


Finnish Heritage Agency

Seal Matrix

The Hunt Museum as part of the Art of Reading in the Middle Ages project.

The Hunt Museum

Selbstporträt des Bildhauers (Christian Friedrich) Heinrich (Sigismund) Bettkober (1746-18…

Bettkober, Christian Friedrich Heinrich Sigismund (1746-1822) (Bildhauer); Bettkober, Christian Friedrich Heinrich Sigismund (1746-1822) (Autor)

Stiftung Stadtmuseum Berlin