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Lithuanian-American communities are found across the United States. Explore these photographs of their sporting activities.

Barcelona artist Ramon Casas i Carbó sketched and painted evocative portraits of intellectual, economic and political figures in Barcelona, Paris and Madrid around the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.

Artworks and vintage photography capturing a variety of experiences being a public transport passenger

Vintage photography and memorabilia showing histories of basketball across Europe

Be inspired by these yellow cultural heritage collections

Explore these paintings, drawings and vintage photography of waterfalls

Medieval coins show that communication through both text and image was not restricted to books. Coins are tiny historical monuments, material witnesses of how medieval people thought, how they recognised and understood the world. Learn more from our blog

Warmer weather is the perfect time to take a picnic! Explore these images of people across Europe eating outdoors.

Explore artworks, objects and vintage photographs related to Turin, the capital city of Italy's Piedmont region.

Dictatorships and communist countries used sport as part of state propaganda systems, where women taking part in sport confronted idealised stereotypes of women and their bodies. Gallery curated by CRDI, Ajuntament de Girona for Europeana Sport project

Female literacy during the Middle Ages was surprisingly high. Nuns were authors and scribes. Many other women encouraged reading and learning, especially noble woman. One example was Christine de Pizan, a poet at the court of King Charles VI of France.

Life in a monastery was structured through and governed by monastic rules, which set out the daily programme and the duties of each member. Most orders followed the Rule of Saint Benedict, but there were others. Curated by Eva De Cooman for ARMA

Children and adults alike get playful when it's snowy outside. Let's bring some winter fun with these images depicting snowball fights.

The Bible is not so much one book, as it's a collection of texts, written in different eras and by different people. In the Middle Ages, its books were often copied and read apart, e.g. the Psalter, the Gospels. Curated by Eva De Cooman for ARMA

Kissing under the mistletoe is a well-known Christmas tradition. Across many cultures from the past - from Norse to Ancient Greek, mistletoe was valued for its healing properties.

Desktops, books carousels, lamps and candles were helpful when reading or writing in the Middle Ages. Curated by Hunt Museum for the Art of Reading in the Middle Ages project.

Photos, films and memorabilia showing Black footballers who have played in teams across Europe. Curated for the Europeana Sport project

Apartheid was a racist segregation system in South Africa and South West Africa from 1948 to 1990. These posters, photographs and objects document anti-apartheid movements across Europe, in solidatory with Black South Africans.

The Church Fathers were a group of theologians and clergymen (c. 100-750 AD) whose writings and teachings were formative in establishing early Christian doctrine and were considered highly authoritative. Curated by Eva De Cooman for ARMA.

Black people have been portrayed in European art for centuries - often exoticised, subjugated and minoritised - reflecting that these depictions were made by white artists. Content warning: some of these artworks' descriptions of people are outdated,…