World Festival of Cultural Diversity

Europeana participates in Khalili Foundation's World Festival of Cultural Diversity, a global, synchronised celebration of cultural diversity

Cross-cultural exchange

Cultures emerge and evolve from centuries of exchange between diverse peoples, communities and civilizations. They influence, and are influenced by, such dynamic interactions. Here are some remarkable examples from across Europe.

colour photograph of the Hagia Sophia Church
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Five buildings that have been both mosques and churches

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Italian archeologists' impact on the history and heritage of Dodecanese islands.

Black and white print after an oil painting by Konstantin Makowsky,
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Discover the longstanding tradition of offering intricately produced textiles to the holy shrines.

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The Muslim inventor who may have inspired Leonardo da Vinci

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Read about this story of mutual discovery in Part 1 of 'Jesuits in China'

pink, white, green and black kimono
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Kimono's social history represents a unique cultural exchange between Japan and Europe

Plácido's portrait painted by his son Ignacio Zuloaga
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How the medieval art of Alhambra inspired one of Spain’s greatest modern masters

black and white illustration of a mountain
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Architecture and cultural heritage of the Armenian diaspora across Europe

Under-represented cultures

The stories of many marginalised communities across Europe - social, ethnic and faith-based - are beginning to emerge. The contributions of these communities to the wider European culture are the focus of this section.

black and white photograph of a group of people
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Discover the story of the first woman in Liverpool to convert to Islam

Explore the histories of Black people in Europe

Explore disability stories, narratives and heritage from Europe and beyond

colour painting of a mosque at dusk

Collections and stories about Islamic customs, tradition, culture and history

Explore Jewish customs, tradition, culture and history

Queer stories, narratives and cultural heritage from all around Europe

colour illustration of a man and woman, a child stands between them and offers an apple to the woman

Gypsy, Roma, Traveller communities, images and identities over a millennium

Discover notable women and their work throughout history

European cultural expressions

Aside from the rich cultures and traditions brought to Europe by the diaspora from around the world, Europe's own indigenous cultural landscape is incredibly diverse. Here are some fascinating stories of European cultural expressions.

colour photograph of people beginning a human tower, each with their arms out-stretched
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Catalonia's human towers


Explore Europe's remarkable variety of customs and traditions in this special exhibition

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Shadow puppet theatre is a staple summer evening entertainment in Greece, with what’s known as Karagiozis shadow theatre

a painting of a woman wearing a white bonnet sitting next to a window, a large lace pin cushion in front of her.
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Follow the evolution of lace craft, from myth to machine

colour photograph, text of a poem in Dutch, painted white on a blue rectangle on a red brick wall
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The Dutch tradition of displaying poems on streets and walls

Tapestry full of motifs typical of dove-tail tapestries from Torna. Carnations, tulips, other flowers, birds and people, surround a flower vase.
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Stories of women's aspirations, support for one another and hidden power

colour painting, portrait of Timotei Cipariu
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Renowned scholar of the Romanian Greek-Catholic Church

colour photograph of a field of red tulips with a windmill in the background
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How the tulip became a symbol of Turkey and the Netherlands

World Festival of Cultural Diversity - Khalili Foundation

The World Festival of Cultural Diversity is a global, synchronised celebration of cultural diversity supported by UNESCO. It is a year-round programme of events and activities leading up to the UN World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development on 21 May 2023. Read more about how Europeana are taking part.

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Editorial grants programme

In the first half of 2023, part of our editorial grants programme is dedicated to the World Festival of Cultural Diversity, supporting underrepresented stories and experiences on religious diversity.

This provides €200 funding for writers to contribute blogs for that put a spotlight on underrepresented communities, voices and lived experiences.

Learn more about the programme and how to apply