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A woman with curly hair waving the pride flag while walking down the street in a crowd of people.
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LGBTQ+ rights in Spain

Opening the future to the dreams of the past

Photograph of Magnus Hirschfeld, who is sitting on a sofa
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Magnus Hirschfeld

Pioneering German sexologist who was one of the earliest LGBTQ+ rights activists
LGBTQ+ memories and hopes in Spain

Spain is a pioneering country in the recognition of the rights of the LBGTQ+ community

black and white photograph, portrait of a man who wears a hooded garment
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Herbert List in Greece

20th century German photographer inspired by Greece's classical antiquity

black and white photograph of Suzy Solidor who sits in a car with a large dog sitting next to her
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Suzy Solidor

Lesbian entrepreneur, actress, singer and 'the most painted woman in the world

colour photograph of a silver medal with pink and yellow ribbon on which is word 'Friendship'
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The Gay Games

Exploring the history of the tournament which promotes acceptance of sexual diversity

black and white stylised drawing of a sailor looking out to sea
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GAN's queer art legacy

Exploring the art of Swedish modernist Gösta Adrian-Nilsson

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Partners in Irish theatre

Partners Michaél Mac Liammóir and Hilton Edwards were leading figures in 20th century theatre in Ireland

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Fashion designer Patrick Kelly

African-American fashion designer who broke barriers in the European fashion industry

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Alvin Ailey Dance Theatre

Discover the history of a modern dance theatre that helped propel stories of a nation to the world

Pride: parades and protests

Pride parades are a celebration of queerness, a protest against normativity, and a cry for equal rights.

LGBTQ+ lives and heritage

LGBTQ+ histories and heritage across Europe.

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Lorde, Baldwin & Roemer

Three Black authors from the Americas who have lived in Europe

a drag queen with blonde hair singing into a microphone

Drag performers play with gender expression, and ideas of masculinity and femininity

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Cork’s LGBT community histories

Discover Cork's rich history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

LGBTQ+ artists and art

Artworks by LGBTQ+ artists and their portraits from across Europe.

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Keith Haring in Europe

American artist and prominent social activist Keith Haring

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Victorian Drag Queens

The story of Fanny and Stella from the James Gardiner Collection

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Symbols of Pride

Exploring the symbols and cultural heritage of LGBTQ+ activism

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John Lind: an early drag icon

One of the most successful female impersonators in the early 20th century

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AIDS awareness posters

Global AIDS awareness posters from London's Wellcome Collection

Cork LGBT Archive

Tracing the history of Cork's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Communities from 1970s to 1990s

Helsinki Pride

Photographs from Helsinki Pride parades and festivals since 2010

colour photograph of two small ceramic figures kissing

Archive and documentation centre on homosexuality, bisexuality and transgender heritage, based in the Netherlands

Örebro Pride 2013

Photographs documenting Pride in 2013 in Örebro, Sweden's 6th largest city

"Q" television programme

Watch episodes of the Czech Television queer programme "Q"