Mãe e filho

Elmano Cunha e Costa

Institute for Tropical Scientific Research

Plaque in tomb relief showing mother and child, Ostia, 50 A.D

Wellcome Collection

Hall and McKenney, History of the Indian..., mother and child

Wellcome Collection

Mother (Mother with a Child and a Flower)

Galanda, Mikuláš

Slovak national gallery

Breast pump, Europe, 1771-1830

Science Museum, London

Wellcome Collection

Mother teaching son with picture book, 13th century

Wellcome Collection

A mother carrying a child.

Wellcome Collection

An anxious mother checking on her sleeping baby. Coloured lithograph by E. de Barescut aft…

Le Bot

Wellcome Collection

Complementary feeding: mother feeding child

John & Penny Hubley

Wellcome Collection

Advice to expectant mothers on healthy practices during pregnancy and at the birth.

Soviet Union. Otdel okhrany materinstva i mladenchestva.; O. Griun

Wellcome Collection

Chinese painting of woman breastfeeding her child.

Wellcome Collection

Journal des Dames et des Modes, Costumes Parisiens, 1914, No. 137 : Robe de petite fill (…


Kläder 19 december 1967

Örebro Kuriren

Örebro läns museum