Terms & Policies

In this section of the Europeana website you will find an overview of our Terms and Policies. These are divided into three subsections: 'Using Our data', 'Contributing data' and 'Our Policies':

Using Our data provides you with the Terms of Use and Guidelines for using the data published on Europeana.eu.

Terms of Use governs what you can or cannot do with the metadata and previews that are published on Europeana.eu, with seperate Terms of Use for the Europeana API. Europeana publishes guidelines for working with Europeana metadata as well as for using digital reproductions of Public Domain works that you find via Europeana. Additionally we provide a list of data sources that Europeana uses to enrich the metadata provided by our data providers.

Contributing data provides terms that ensure that Europeana can combine objects and data provided by individual users with the rest of the Europeana metadata.

The Europeana Data Exchange Agreement governs the relationship between Europeana and the institutional data providers. The terms for user contributions governs the terms on which users contribute data to Europeana.

Our policies contains Europeana's policies.

The Privacy policy details how we treat personal information that we have collected from our users. The Language policy describes Europeana's policy for providing information in a users own language and Accessibility describes Europeana's aim to provide functionality and content that is universally accessible. In this section you will also find the Europeana Public Domain Charter that explains Europeana's contribution to strengthening the digital Public Domain.

Our Policies and Terms