Islamic heritage

Explore collections and stories about Islamic customs, tradition, culture and history

black and white photograph, a man with beard wearing robes and hat
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Photographer brothers who documented life and people in the late Ottoman Empire

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The Muslim inventor who may have inspired Leonardo da Vinci

Black and white print after an oil painting by Konstantin Makowsky,
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Discover the longstanding tradition of offering intricately produced textiles to the holy shrines.

parts of intricate architectural features inside the Alhambra Palace
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How visual and decorative Nasrid art influenced European artists

Plácido's portrait painted by his son Ignacio Zuloaga
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How the medieval art of Alhambra inspired one of Spain’s greatest modern masters

colour painting of a mosque at dusk

Gallery of photographs, paintings and drawings of mosques - Islamic places of worship - across Europe.

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The life and travels of the Muslim Moroccan scholar Ibn Battuta

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