Disabilities in art

This gallery features depictions of disabilities in artworks across centuries, reflecting the diverse lives, experiences and treatment of people with disabilities.

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The blind leading the blind. Oil painting after Pieter Bruegel.
A man with a wooden leg prosthesis. Photograph, ca. 1915.
A shoeless blind girl is led by a dog on a path. Stipple engraving by T. Gaugain, 1785, af…
An invalid boy in a Bath chair outside an open air
A blind man assisted by another man
Fig. 177 - Appearance of patient with artificial legs.
Guillaume de Limoge, a crippled street singer. Etching by G. Audran.
Mat Fraser holding two prosthetic arms at Blythe House
Hannah Thatcher, deaf and dumb since birth, taught to hear and speak by W. Wright. Stipple…
Die Bettler / Die Krüppel
Isaac Blessing Jacob
Blind flicka 18 september 1967
A man with a wooden leg plays the violin while his wife and children accompany him with a …
Prosthetic hands with spoon attachments.
A one-legged man in rags moving with the aid of crutches is accompanied by a child with a …
Illustration of prosthetic a hand. Ambroise Pare, 1564.
The Institut National des Sourds-Muets, Paris: interior showing voters for the National As…
An old blind man holding a child walks guided by his stick and dog. Coloured watercolour d…
The victim of a railway accident approaching the railway board's directors for compensatio…
A group of blind Japanese men leave a house
Matthias Buchinger, a phocomelic. Engraving after a self portrait.
Rheumatism, gout treated by mesmerism
Samuel Horsey, a crippled beggar. Stipple engraving, 1803.
Lupus Erythematosus. Chromolithograph. c. 1878-1888
Klaas Nar
Blind Joe (Street Violinist)
Blind pojke, 11 juni 1966 En blind pojke i tioårsåldern klädd i randig T-shirt spelar en …
Birgitta (Brita) Johansdotter 1680-1763, piga
The Old Blind Woman
A crippled man from BL Royal 13 B VIII, f. 30v
Martin of Tours from BL Eg 3018, f. 117
Cripples appealing to other men from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 220
Blind beggar from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 110
Karl Franz Grüner
A man with a wooden leg sings while he is accompanied by a blind man playing the flute and…
Lane, Differentiation..., 1892: boy suffering from arthritis
A barber in his shop preparing to shave a customer. Coloured etching.
The halt and the blind being summoned to the great supper. Oil painting by Joost Cornelisz…
A blind beggar walks past two figures guided by his dog with a begging bowl. Etching by J.…
John Donaldson, a simpleton. Etching.
Portrait of Benjamin Lay
Cripple being led to a building from BL Royal 10 E IV, f. 220v
Boy Guiding a Blind Man
sokea kerjäläinen ja tytär ("En blind tiggargubbe jämte dotter")
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