Children Reading

"There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favourite book" – Marcel Proust

A Girl Reading
Boy Reading Outdoors
Girl Reading
books from "Will o' the Wisp. A story ... Illustrated, etc"
Boy from "Dawn to Daylight: or, Gleams from the poets of twelve centuries. With above two …
In der Schule
A Boy Reading
The Artist's Sisters Signe and Henriette Reading a Book
Girl Reading
Girl Reading (Seated Girl)
En DUI aktivitet, læsning for piger og drenge
Lisbeth Reading
My hobby is reading
Boy Reading at Artificial Light
Interior with a Girl Reading
The Ahola Boys Nisse and Antti Reading on the Bed
Campament Calella
Boy from "[Sing-Song. A nursery rhyme book. ... With ... illustrations by A. Hughes, etc.]…
old fashioned from "Flowers I bring and Songs I sing ... Poems by E. Bland, H. M. Burnside…
[Boy sitting in a chair reading a book]
I am reading a book
Trachten (Reichsfrauenführung)
Alltagszenen aus dem Leben der Helaer Fischerfamilien, Deutsches Reich 1930er Jahre. Scene…
Vierlinge von Brücken