Meet the people who shaped Europe's musical history and culture.

Composer Adrian Willaert was born around 1490 in the Low Countries, and moved at a young age to Paris to study law at the Sorbonne.

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How Czech composer Antonín Dvořák brought sensibility and genius to the United States.

In the eyes of many Czechs Bedřich Smetana is their finest composer.

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Austrian Mediathek takes a look at the lives and works of three composers who escaped persecution in the 1930s.

The life and works of the influential composer Richard Wagner (1813–1883).

In the early 18th century London was an eldorado for musicians, offering fame and fortune .

Meet Australian-born composer and pianist Percy Grainger.

Discover the life and work of the brave Belgian who altered the course of French music history.


A selection of jazz artists on Europeana

How many performers can boast such a wide impact on fields other than music?

How many people today know the operas of Antonio Salieri?

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Explore this blog featuring beautiful music scores with a focus on Antonio Salieri

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