Udforsk udstillingerne

Historien om europaparlamentsvalget

colour illustration, a row of costumed characters in front of a backdrop which resembles a woodland

Let's celebrate the relationship between fashion and the performing arts!

Learn about craftspeople and the things they make, and discover contemporary artists exploring crafting in their own creations.

Through plants and botany, travel across Europe and beyond with this unexpected heritage linked to Napoleon and his time.

An overview of 20th-century home cinema and amateur filmmaking.

Black and white photo showing an interior of an early photographer studio. Four women in the room: one standing, the other ones sitting in different positions. Three of the women look directly into the camera.

How women have used the power of photography to express themselves and take control of their public image.

Two hands holding a faded piece of paper with handwritten text

Explore how the Unity of Brethren writing community developed and how it encouraged the peasant class to become literate.

colour illustration of a man and woman, a child stands between them and offers an apple to the woman

Gypsy, Roma, Traveller communities, images and identities over a millennium

Learn about important examples of political propaganda from the 20th century that help us reflect on our world today

Discover pan-European exhibition examining history through the lens of posters

Discover a study of European globalisation through images

Learn about a seemingly ordinary family home where Jean Monnet’s vision of peace and European unity was established

Comb in the form of two dragonflies

Explore the relationship between fashion, nature and craft

An illustration of the Arc de triomphe, in Paris. A frontal view of the monument on a sunny day. There are some people walking around it, and a few of them are horse-riding.

Discover the emergence of the modern city driven by the changes in urban planning across Europe under Napoleon I

a closeup picture of a white round medical pill on a black background. On the pill the words 'the pill' are embossed.

How revolutionary medicine changed the course of history

black and white photograph of female athletes in a race

Histories of the Olympics and Paralympics

Illustration of four types of parrots by Graceanna Lewis. Depicts a macaw, lory, ground parrot, and cockatoo (the last is a reproduction of an illustration by John Gould)

Learn about the pioneering American ornithologists

Louise Weiss at the European Parliament

Let's look back at the life of a journalist, feminist activist, writer, filmaker and elected MEP.

colour medieval illustration of a man in blue robes who sits at a desk

A journey through society of medieval Europe