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Listina základních práv Evropské unie slaví 20 let!

Explore different family concepts and discourses, looking back at the 20th century.

Explore an introduction to European archaeology.

Evropský parlament, pád Berlínské zdi a znovusjednocení Německa

Learn about the psychoactive plants and fungi

Learn about a peaceful revolution: the August 1980 shipyard strike in Poland.

Explore images of Byzantine instruments found in manuscripts and objects from daily life.

Learn about rose specialist, François Crépin, and his studies on ‘the queen of flowers’.

Join on a travel outward from Byzantium’s epicentre in Constantinople to emergent sites in Ravenna, Crete and Mount Athos.

května 1950, tedy v kontextu studené války, byla zveřejněna Schumanova deklarace, která se stala impulzem pro budování evropského společenství.

Discover how Christopher Columbus's journeys greatly influenced Europe's eating habits.

Explore a variety of customs and traditions across Europe in this online exhibition.

Learn about the importance of music in World War I - before, during and after battle.  

Observe Europeans portrayed in real-life situations to showcase the principles of the European Pillar of Social Rights.

Go on a photographic journey through 1950s Europe between east and west, and liberty and repression.

Read how a passion for the written word moved out of the Church and into society at large.

Explore the natural and man-made threats to cultural heritage, from ancient times until today.

Let's celebrate the historical contribution of innovative women to human knowledge and culture

Discover photos full of intricate detail and learn how visually complex images challenge the viewer.

Explore enriching effects of migration - we’ve hand-picked stories of inspiring individuals and communities who have made their mark.