Diversidad e inclusión

«El cambio no se producirá si esperamos a otra persona o si esperamos a otro momento. Somos las personas a las que esperábamos. Somos el cambio que buscamos». Barack Obama

Editoriales sobre las comunidades infrarrepresentadas


Spain is a pioneering country in the recognition of the rights of the LBGTQ+ community

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In the 19th century innovations in raised type made written words accessible to visually impaired readers.


Pride parades are a celebration of queerness, a protest against normativity, and a cry for equal rights.

Stories from museums, galleries, libraries and archives across Europe of refugees supported through art and activism.


Migration and refugee experiences in artworks from across Europe.


The everyday lives of people from the African diaspora captured by photographers.


Explore a gallery with some of the most influential black musicians that made history

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Exploring moments in the history of Britain’s Black communities


Artworks by LGBTQ+ artists and their portraits from across Europe.

Historias, relatos y patrimonio cultural queer de toda Europa

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Exploring the symbols and cultural heritage of LGBTQ+ activism

Tracing the history of Cork's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Communities from 1970s to 1990s

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Discover Cork's rich history of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities.

an artwork a man with dark hair with his arm on the table cupping his head in his hand. He is wearing a bright green shirt and a dark grey jacket

This gallery features depictions of disabilities in artworks across centuries


Well-known people from across Europe in the arts and sciences who were migrants or refugees.

In the early 18th century London was an eldorado for musicians, offering fame and fortune .

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Piet Mondrian, painting and migration


How migration has changed the world - from fashion, arts, cities and societies

Read more than 600 personal migration stories submitted by people across Europe

black and white photograph of Jesse Owens running
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Facing both Jim Crow and Hitler in a sporting environment

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Discover the history of a modern dance theatre that helped propel stories of a nation to the world

Learning scenarios about D&I

Cooperative learning, Cultural awareness and expression, D&I - Upper Secondary Education

Citizenship, D&I, PBL - Upper Secondary Education, VET & Adult Education

English, Language subjects - Primary school

Art, Cultural awareness and expression, D&I, Non-formal - Primary education, Secondary Education

Art, Cultural awareness and expression, D&I - Early childhood & Primary education

Blended, Citizenship, Cooperative learning, D&I - Lower Secondary Education, Portuguese

Citizenship, D&I, Flipped classroom - Lower Secondary Education, Upper Secondary Education

Art, English, Philosophy, - Lower secondary, Upper secondary

Art, English - Primary school, Secondary school

Adult education, English, History - VET

Situaciones de aprendizaje sobre la migración

History, Language, Language subjects - Upper secondary

Art, English, Language subjects, STEAM - Secondary school

English, Language subjects, - Primary school

Art, Language subjects - Upper Secondary

Situaciones de aprendizaje sobre la ciudadanía

Citizenship, Cooperative learning, Language - Secondary Education, VET & Adult Education

English - Primary school, Upper secondary

Art, Citizenship, Cooperative learning, Digital literacy, History, Literacy - Lower Secondary Education

English, History - Lower secondary

English, History, Italian - Primary school

Art, English, History, Language - Lower secondary

English, STEAM - Lower secondary, Secondary school

English, History - Lower secondary

English, History - Upper secondary

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