Spot the Differences: 8 art puzzles to play

collage image of 8 artworks with text 'Spot the difference'.

Test yourself with these 8 Spot the Difference puzzles from artworks and paintings

Adrian Murphy (opens in new window) (Europeana Foundation)

There's a lot of pleasure to be found by closely looking at art. You can discover small details in paintings, added by the artist to show personality or symbolism.

In this blog, we give you even more reason to look closely at art from across Europe. We've made 8 Spot the Difference puzzles from artworks and paintings - see if you can spot 8 differences in each painting.

The first image is the original, with changes made in the second image. We suggest right-clicking to see the image larger in another tab. If you need some help, you'll find the results by scrolling further down the page.

Finnish Wedding

Can you see the 8 differences in this wedding scene?

painting showing a bride at a wedding, she stands at a table surrounded by people.

Happy family

There are 8 differences to find in this family party painting.

painting of a lively family engaging in various activities in a rustic kitchen, with a man smoking a pipe by the window and children playing games and musical instruments.

Irish bridge

See if you can spot the 8 changes in this illustration of the Ha'penny Bridge, a well-known Dublin landmark.

an illustration of the Half-Penny Bridge in Dublin, a bridge over a river with buildings on both banks.

Venetian family

Can you find the 8 differences in this formal family portrait?

A painting of a well-dressed family group in a domestic setting, featuring two men, a woman, and a child, with tea and pastries arranged on a table.

Wedding party

Can you find the eight changes in this wedding painting?

a painting, a priest raising a glass to a wedding party while a waiter carries a dish of food.

Bountiful market

This painting of a market is full of details - we've made 8 changes, can you find them?

a painting, a young woman speaking to a man, she sits by an overflowing well-stocked table full of market products.

Take to the skies

Can you see the 8 changes in this fantastic balloon-filled illustration?

illustration, many balloons and other flying craft in the sky.

Breakfast time

A lovely breakfast meal like this should be your reward if you can spot all 8 differences in this painting.

painting, a young woman carries a tray to an outdoor table full with breakfast utensils.

We hope you enjoyed looking closely at the details in these artworks. To find the answers to the puzzles, scroll further down.


BrideSong SpotDiff-RESULT

Family SpotDiff RESULT-1-1536x1190

Bridge SpotDiff RESULT

Venetians SpotDiff RESULTS

Wedding SpotDiff RESULT-1

Market SpotDiff RESULT

Balloons-SpotDiff RESULT

Breakfast SpotDiff RESULT