Social distancing in cultural heritage GIFs

A humourous look at social distancing and other Coronavirus measures through cultural heritage GIFs

Aleksandra Strzelichowska (opens in new window) (Europeana Foundation)

We're living through unusual times. We must all take every opportunity to look after ourselves and those members of our families, friends and communities who may need more protection and care than ourselves.

For some weeks now, many of us have been staying at home practising social distancing. We noticed that some entries to our annual competition GIF IT UP do a great job illustrating what our daily life looks like these days.

So take a look and see if you recognise yourself in any of these situations...

Your life has gone online and you're trying to keep up with all the screens and platforms.

...other options are sending letters and waving through windows.

Balancing work and childcare is really difficult.

For all kinds of products, delivery is the way to go now.

Luckily grocery stores are still open. You've asked yourself at least once whether you should disinfect what you've bought.

Walking your dog is the highlight of your day.

To make up for the lack of physical activity, you're trying some home workouts.

You're more into cooking than ever before.

Somehow you end up eating more.

You've discovered some artistic talents.

Your hairdresser is closed, so a housemate or a family member has to do your hair.

Tinder has become like window shopping.

Your perception of time and many other things is different these days.

What hasn't changed is the fact that on Friday night you're still up for some drinks.

And actually on Wednesday morning as well...

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