Museum Jigsaws - puzzle over beautiful artworks

pieces of a jigsaw puzzle depicting a map on a blue background.

Have fun with our cultural heritage jigsaw puzzles and discover beautiful artworks when you complete them.

Aleksandra Strzelichowska (opens in new window) (Europeana Foundation)

The first jigsaw puzzle was invented around 1760 by John Spilsbury, an engraver and cartographer from London. Early versions of jigsaw puzzles were used as educational tools to teach cartography.

Today, jigsaw puzzles have millions of fans of all ages. Are you one of them?

Have fun with our cultural heritage puzzles and discover beautiful artworks when you complete them.

Map Master

Let's start with the original idea and purpose of a jigsaw puzzle - can you put together this vintage world map?

Flower power

The ultimate challenge for a 17th-century still-life painter was to render various objects in a convincing fashion.

Did Abraham Mignon who painted these flowers do a good job? Complete the puzzle and tell us what you think.

A room full of art

This room is filled with paintings that are all Flemish, German and Italian works of art.

Finish the puzzle to see them all!

Fairies of the meadow

These meadow fairies represent spring. In the background, there is a romantic landscape at twilight.

Artist at work

Here we see a vase painter at work. Solve the puzzle to enjoy all the details of her studio.

In the mood for more puzzles and art? See if you can spot the 8 differences in these paintings.