GIF IT UP 2015

Creating GIF from copyright-free heritage

Aleksandra Strzelichowska (opens in new window) (Europeana Foundation)

Copy of GIF IT UP Banner -- 2015 -- 6 -- withEuropeanaTroveLabel

GIF IT UP is a challenge aiming to find the best GIFs created from copyright-free heritage material. The competition organised by DPLA and DigitalNZ aims to encourage all GIF-makers, creatives, history nuts, and animators to reuse and mix the openly licensed material. Following on from GIF IT UP’s inaugural year in 2014, the competition returns this year, seeking innovative and endlessly looping uses of archival videos and images. Europeana joins in to provide the participants with our best open collections - take a look and start creating!

Source: Four Landscapes Representing the Four Seasons, Rijksmuseum, public domain

How it works To enter GIF IT UP, you need to make a GIF with material which you have found via either DigitalNZ, DPLA, Trove, or Europeana, or a combination GIF with material from several of these sources. Your source material must be clearly marked as: in the public domain, have a ‘no known copyright restrictions’ statement or have a Creative Commons license which allows for reuse. You can enter up to three GIFs, using still images or video, and you have time from 12 October to 21 November.

Ready to submit your GIF? Head on over to the entry form. Before you start making your GIF, be sure to read the rules and guidelines. Source: British Library Yates Thompson Collection, Public Domain

Judges GIF IT UP 2015 will be judged by an international panel of judges: Sarah Schaaf from Imgur, Rebecca Onion from Slate Vault , and Alessandro Scali & Marco Calabrese from Okkult Motion Pictures , who will be awarding one supreme GIF IT UP winner, as well as three runners up.

The GIF with the most Tumblr ‘notes’ will also receive a people’s choice award. All entries will be judged on creativity, originality, and thoroughness of entry (correct link to source material and contextual information). All entries that meet the criteria outlined below in ‘Guidelines and Rules’ will be showcased on the GIF IT UP Tumblr Gallery.

Prizes The supreme winner will receive a Giphoscope of their winning entry, and the first three runners up and the people’s choice award winner will each receive $25 Amazon gift certificates, sponsored by the DPLA.