Art Up Your Zoom: beautiful backgrounds for your conference calls

We've curated some great artworks to use as backgrounds in your Zoom conference calls.

Jolan Wuyts (opens in new window) (Europeana Foundation)

With more and more people working from home at the moment, teleconference platforms have become increasingly popular.

Zoom, one popular platform for group calls has a great feature - Virtual Background - that allows you to transform your regular background with whatever picture you want.

So, how about some beautiful artworks and collections to spice up your calls and keep your colleagues or students engaged? We've curated some great artworks to use as your zoom background.

We've already formatted some examples for you, but if you don't find exactly what you're looking for click through to any of the four galleries below - filled with art to use so you can become the star of your next Zoom get-together.

Beautiful views

With these artworks, you can look like you are frolicking in nature instead of sitting behind your desk, or at least enjoying a stunning landscape from your home office window.

Attend class from your own personal cave. [download]

Or visit Venice, admiring the clear blue water of the canals (but having some issues with social distancing). [download]

But maybe your corner office can have a stunning view of the Dutch landscape, windmills slowly turning in the distance. [download]

Explore more beautiful landscapes and views for your Zoom calls in this gallery.

Interesting Interiors

Being inside doesn't have to be dull. Show off magnificent living spaces with these artistic impressions.

Turn your living room into a fairytale Scandinavian study, filled with light and greenery. [download]

Show what you have to go through every day, living with roommates now in quarantine together. [download]

Intrigue your friends and colleagues with a Game of Thrones-style banquet in the background. [download]

Make your colleagues jealous of your very own secretary, happy to bring you coffee whenever you want. (She doesn't seem to mind that you showed up to work in your pyjamas.) [download]

Explore more interesting interiors for your Zoom calls in this gallery

Abstract art

Bring colour into your meetings with these vivid abstract paintings - your screen will surely pop out among the rest!

Go for the ominous 'science fiction villain' look with this background. [download]

Make it look like you are surrounded by gold leaf everywhere. [download]

This trippy artwork will surprise and possibly confuse others on your call. [download]

Explore this gallery for more colourful abstract art.

Tranquil spaces

In difficult times people can be easily stressed, so bring some peace and tranquility to your Zoom room with these soft, quiet images.

Star in your own Studio Ghibli movie. [download]

Breathe in the cold Swedish air and feel like the Highlander in this landscape. [download]

Wear a halo of soothing watercolours. You clearly have everything under control with this. [download]

The sun is setting, it might be time to wrap up this Zoom meeting quickly! (Please pay no attention to the skull on my dresser.) [download]

Explore this gallery for more tranquil and calm backgrounds for your Zoom rooms.

And, for even more inspiration, browse through all our galleries.

Did you use one of these backgrounds? Take a screenshot and tweet it to us @EuropeanaEU, we'd love to see your creativity!

By Jolan Wuyts, Europeana Foundation