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Art Nouveau posters

Art Nouveau posters from the famous art movement. The latter half of the 19th century saw an increase in print media and advertising. Explore more in exhibition Art Nouveau - A Universal Style

Clothes for the Ballroom

Balls were an occasion to meet, chat, have fun and... show off! Browse this gallery to find the finest 19th and 20th century creations and toilettes for balls from Europeana Fashion Collection!

Monstrous musical instruments

Some musical instruments were works of art in themselves, frequently decorated with, or shaped into, dragons, monsters or other legendary creatures.

Eccentric Fashion

From the too big to the too small, fashion is a place where to experiment. Explore fashion design in its most extreme forms and let the eccentric blow your mind.


Celebrate springtime with the most shimmering flowers that you can find in Europeana Fashion archive!

Fashion Forward

Conquer the space with this astral selection of Europeana Fashion items perfect to reach to the stars!

Lithuanian opera costumes

Vintage photography of scenes and costumes from opera productions and the Kaunas State Theatre, one of the oldest functioning theatres in Lithuania. These photographs come from the collection of Kaunas City Museum.


Follow the rich plot thread of this embroidered selection of pieces from our collection! From the 17th century to the most contemporary designs, enjoy the beauty of embroidery.

Artists' self-portraits

Take a look at the ways in which artists have portrayed themselves through time. These portraits show thoughts and feelings about individual artists, their art and the societies in which they lived and worked.

Fashionable prints

From the traditional to the most cheerful one, have a look at the prints in our Europeana Fashion collection!

Grand concert halls

Photographs, drawings, paintings and postcards of Europe's grand opera houses, concert halls and theatres.

The Uniform

Discover the many forms and definitions of ‘uniform’ and the intricate relationship fashion establishes with power, representation and identity.


Sometimes just one colour is enough! Find your favourite in this multicoloured theme of monochrome pieces from Europeana Fashion's collection.

Harpsichords as art

Harpsichords were often works of arts themselves with the inside of the cover a canvas for paintings.


There are many less obvious ways in which animals contribute to fashion, and this theme focuses on all the designs from Europeana Fashion's collection which feature animals and beasts!


Experience the passion, rhythm and beauty of flamenco dance through this collection of black and white photographs.

The Gala

Galas have been portrayed in stories and fairytales as pivotal moments in the articulation of the narrative, and the clothes designed for this events reflect the alluring atmosphere of these moments.

The hurdy-gurdy

A stringed instrument, sounded by a rotating wheel creating a drone, while the pitch of the instrument is altered by keys. These instruments are often ornately decorated with scrolls carved into the shape of a human head.


In this gallery, we highlight beautiful vintage images of ballet dancers.


A selection of looks and objects showing how people (un)dressed on the beach