Yin and Yang

The idea of opposite forces complementing each other is at the core of many belief systems. The Ancient Chinese concept of yin & yang is often represented by black & white 'taijitu', but also by broken and solid lines sometimes combined into trigrams.

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Bloodletting chart, Tibet
fan (personal protection)
Amuletic Board, China, 1801-1900
Svævende fjernsyn
Bekleding voor offertafel
protective charm
Stoffbild mit Karpfen (Japan)
Fonds Edward Gordon Craig (1872-1966). IX. Craig collectionneur / The collector. IX. G. Co…
hair ornament
voorstelling van vajra
emblem, tyg reproduktion
docka, leksak, handdocka
Símbol del Yin-yang
Kakstämpel, Husgeråd, Riskakestämpel i porslin med yin-yangsymbol., Rice-cake stamp, House…
playing card
divination compass
påse, fodral, ätpinnefodral, tobakspåse
Balance of inflammation in blood vessels, illustration
Skål, Rökelsekar, Högtider, Husgeråd
Flaska, Husgeråd
dräkt, kabukidräkt, garment, costume, garb
Li Chunfeng, the Chinese mathematician, astrologer and cosmologist, wearing traditional co…