Washing your hands

Now and throughout history, in troubled times of epidemic and pandemic, such as coronavirus, washing hands is an important part of personal hygiene, preventing the contraction and spread of disease.

Sanitation: mother supervising child washing hands
Ladys Maid Soaping Linnen
Oral rehydration solution demonstration, Lesotho
A woman washing her hands in a bowl of water held by a maidservant; a man enters through a…
Advert for Hudson's Extract of Soap
Soap bubble
Christ before Pilate; Pilate washing his hands
"Excelsior Zeep Gebrs Dobbelmann Stoomzeepfabriek "Het Anker" Nijmegen. Savon Excelsior E…
Male surgeon preparing for a procedure.
A girl washing a dog as an advertisement for Nubolic soap. Chromolithograph by A. Reeves.
The birth of the Virgin Mary, her mother Anne washes her hands before being given food and…
Christus vor Pilatus
Vrouw die haar handen in een tobbe of ton heeft
Spiegel der reinheid
A Woman Washing her Hands
Vinolia Premier, the most refreshing soap in the world
Handwashing of Pontius Pilate
Rechthoekig pakje zeep waarop stel handen, met "Even Handen Wasschen! ..."
"Lady Otto Rose Soap Dobbelmann Bros. Nimeguen. Holland. No. 742.
"Aromatic Transparent Soap Dobbelmann Bros. - Nimeguen. (Holland.) No. 48T"
Advert for 'Sunlight' laundry soap
Borax extract of soap makes washing a pleasure.
The regular washing of hands. Lithograph, ca. 1960.
Advert for Lifebuoy Soap
Advert for Pears' Soap
Tippy tap for handwashing
Monks shaving with Pears' shaving soap as endorsed by Sir Erasmus Wilson. Lithograph after…
Optics: a soap bubble exhibiting interference colours. Coloured mezzotint [?] by M. Rapine…
Promotional magazine insert for Sunlight Soap, possibly from the 1920s. The front has a co…
Lying-in Room of a Distinguished Turkish Woman
Japanse vrouwen wassen hun handen
Interior with a Woman Washing her Hands
Reklameschild "Berolina Feinseife"
Priest washing his hands
Church of Perivleptos, Ohrid, FYROM