Tea time

How do you take your tea? Served in an elegant parlour, from a flask or during a Japanese ceremony? Since the 1840s, sitting down for a steamy cup of joy has become part of daily life all over the world.

The Misses Glover taking tea in the garden of their house, 88 Batley Road, Wakefield.
French and British troops in France having a sing song at a Church Army depot
Tea service for two people (tête-à-tête)
H7. Uji Tea Garden
A nurses tea party. These nurses are on a tennis court by the Pontefract Workhouse hospita…
Tea caddy
Red Cross Barge Nurses during a quiet spell in France take tea in a barge
An unidentified group taking tea outside a caravan.
Vaux Brothers grocers shop, with a 'Radio Tea' window display. The brass and glass sign at…
Workmen on tea break, whilst digging a trench to lay services.
Tea time at the convalescent hospital
First Class Chinese Tea Room on the 'Ciudad de Buenos Aires' (1914)
Freudenstadt, "Hotel Waldlust"
child's tea setcup
Westerners at Yokohama, Japan, enjoying a lavish tea ceremony as a cellist plays to them. …
Tea Room
Girls making tea
Mad Hatters Tea Party
The Tea Centre off the
Tea break
Tea Pot and Cover with Chinese decoration.
Russian tea from the samovar carte-de-visite
These chimps are so gental
Coronation teas on Woodside Crescent
Mayor at children 's tea
Indra Tea
Blue Cross Tea
A woman tea vendor is waiting for payment for the drink the man has bought for his female …
tekanna, kanna, tea pot
Drinking Tea