Playing Games

One of the best ways to pass the time is by playing games, by yourself or with friends! Games like chess, checkers, card games and board games are great to play when you're stuck inside. Discover historical games and the people who played them in this gallery.

Apotheekje spelen
Mannen spelen spel aan tafeltje, uit serie India S.M.H.
Two men are sitting outside a cottage playing a game of draughts, a woman is standing in t…
Men of the K.O.Y.L.I. playing cards
Men are playing a game with discs in a woodland clearing. Etching after Eugéne Henri Mille…
Two Buddhist monks, playing "chess" by John Thomson
Children are playing a game with one of them being pulled along on a trolley with ribbons.…
A family playing a game of cards on a drum; one man is wearing part of a suit of armour, t…
Men sitting around a table playing a game of cards. Engraving by C. Gaucher after G. Van T…
American & British troops in France enjoying a game of cards
A man playing go (a board game)
Kings playing a game from BL Add 12228, f. 23
Upstairs at a brothel: a maid combs out a hairpiece while guests play the finger game "ken…
Two British Tommies have an impromptu game of nap among the ruins of a shattered town
Boer War: two wounded men, one Boer and one British, playing at cards in a hospital ward a…
Seated at a card table are Queen Victoria and Prince Albert with Lord Normanby and Daniel …
A man playing go (a board game), watched by two companions. Right leaf of triptych. (Left …
Schakende man
Twee jongens en een meisje die aan tafel een spel spelen
Eén, twee, drie, klaveraas
The march of intellect
Spelende mannen
Japanse kinderen spelen een spel
Het spel tegen de monniken, ca. 1570
Kneden + deeg opscheppen in de bakvormen
Leermeester en drie jongens bij een triktrakbord
"SPEL-BOEK VAN DAAN HOEKSEMA": verschillende bordspelen, op kaft drie spelende kabouters a…
De negen oude mannen uit Kôzan
Knikkerende jongens
Just a Quiet Little Game Justificació del títol, títol inscrit American Stereoscopic Compa…
Falbalas et Fanfreluches: Almanach des Modes Présentes, Passées et Future pour 1922: Le Je…
[Secretari general del Movimiento]
[Interior d'un cafè]
Board game from BL Stowe 17, f. 141
Knucklebones game from BL Royal 2 B VII, f. 167v
In the few spare moments when not pounding the Boche our gunners settle down to a game of …
print (colour woodcut): ["Children Playing with Shells"]
Célbalövés játékgépen
game: Decimal Shopping
print (colour woodcut): "Battledore and Shuttlecock"
Death Playing Chess