Equal Pay

Throughout the world, men and women are not paid equally for doing the same jobs. In this gallery, you will find photos, documents and posters addressing this issue.

Women in UNISON postcard, 1996
Gelijke kansen in opleiding en beroep
De pijp uit
Gelijk werk gelijk loon!
Equal opportunities - SCPS poster, c 1985
Igualdad con el hombre en el trabajo el salario
'Equal pay and the family', 1918
International Women's Year Rally, London, 1975
Button. 'Equal Pay For Equal Work'.
Teresa Billington-Greig, 1909
Equal pay for equal work - any questions? 1954
Equal pay - CAWU leaflet, c. 1960
Stop the juggling - BIFU leaflet, 1991
Equal Pay Act - cartoon, 1982
Equal pay petition - cartoon 1954
Unison - winning equal pay, 2001
Equal pay leaflet, 1944
The Gender Agenda, 2007
The difference? Just money, 1968