O Christmas tree

Christmas trees, decorated with tinsels, baubles, lights, candles and more, are symbols of the holidays all across Europe. Enjoy this gallery of Christmas trees, and happy holidays to all from us at Europeana. Curated by Europeana Common Culture project partners


Canary Islands Historical Photography Archive

Toy Museum of the City of Nuremberg

Abery, P. B. (Percy Benzie) 1877-1948

National Library of Wales

Toy Museum of the City of Nuremberg


Massafont Costals, Martí

Girona City Council


Sundsvall Museum

Mickelsson, Hilding

Hälsinglands Museum


University of Graz

Segemark, Peter

Nordic Museum Foundation

The International Center for Information Management Systems and Services

Polish National Film Archive


United Archives

Rodríguez, Pedro; Rodríguez, Pedro (Designer)

The Digital Network of Museum Collections in Spain