Ports and Harbours

Ports and harbours connect water and land, towns and cities, and countries across seas, as well as providing livelihoods to communities. This gallery showcases images of ports and harbours across Europe. Gallery curated by Europeana Common Culture project partners

Andersson, Arne

Bohuslän Museum

American Farm School

Lindberg Foto

Helsingborg Museum

J. Thomson

Wellcome Collection

American Farm School

Sylvest Jensen Luftfoto

National Library of Denmark

Liljeroth, Erik (Photographer)

Nordic Museum Foundation

Рашев, Стр. - фотограф

Public Library Pencho Slaveykov, Varna

Lithuanian Sea Museum

Rijeka City Library

Lindberg Foto

Helsingborg Museum

Aguilar, Manuel Marques de, 1767-1816?

National Library of Portugal

National Library of Portugal

National Library of Portugal

Royal Museums Greenwich

Sand, Paul (author)

Under and Tuglas Literature Centre

Enqvist Elvin

Norrbottens Museum

August Piepenhagen (artist)

Austrian Gallery Belvedere

Sarap, Henn (autor)

Tartu Art Museum

Aavik, Priidu (autor)

Art Museum of Estonia

Hans Lenhard (artist)



Girona City Council