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Nos, Why Not?

NwnPhoto is a project carried out by a diverse group of photographers with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In this project, five photographers focus on the best qualities of each person, whilst developing their own photography speciality.

Rosa has an intellectual disability and has been blind since birth. Nos, Why Not? devised a method for her to feel the colours through music.

Fernando is both a very good photographer and model. In addition to his work, photos of him taken by other photographers of the agency give visibility to people with Down’s syndrome.

Other photographers whose work is included in this series are Jose and Vicente, who both have intellectual disabilities. Both Jose and Vicente use photography to realise their ideas and projects.

The photographer who has made the most progress in the world of professional photography is Paco. Living in Madrid, he has developed the speciality of stage photography. He works in an association of people with intellectual disabilities and routinely collaborates with a magazine as their photographer.

Nos, Why Not? is making the word of photography inclusive and more reflective of the key values within the European Pillar of Social Rights, including equal opportunities and inclusion.

About the project:

Nos, Why Not? is a non-profit association and agency for photographers with disabilities founded by photojournalist Felipe Alonso in 2013. It defines itself as a place where photographers with developmental disabilities find inspiration to work together and form collaborative relationships.

Felipe Alonso hopes to boost social inclusion by teaching skills necessary to thrive in the photography industry. Nos, Why Not? provides training for its members, and both creates and searches for opportunities where these can be used.

The association has also launched a professional photography programme for a group of young people with various developmental disabilities.

The aim of the collective is to create an international network of photographers with disabilities and promote empowerment, visibility and union.