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German Democratic Republic

1949–1990 country in central Europe, unified into modern Germany

The International Center for Information Management Systems and Services

Helsinki City Museum

UMF Ruhla

Helsinki City Museum

Seltra Oy; Naumann

Helsinki City Museum

Helsinki City Museum

Lusto - The Finnish Forest Museum

Vänersborgs museum

Heidelberg University Library

Cinecittà - Luce

Pálfi Adorján Felelős Szerkesztő

Central Museum of Disaster Management

Hungarian Museum of Trade and Tourism

KONSUM FOKU Magdeburg (Verlag)

Museum Schloss Moritzburg Zeitz

British Broadcasting Corporation

British Broadcasting Corporation

British Broadcasting Corporation

Hans-Joachim Kunert

DFF – German Film Institute & Film Museum

Jordan, Günter

Deutsche Kinemathek - Museum für Film und Fernsehen

Deutsche Welle