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Pets: taking care of our furry friends

Videos showing services and products over the years that help us better care for our pets

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Pets are more than just our faithful companions. In many cases, they are also considered extended family. They can provide us with friendship but also with emotional support, helping us to improve in our daily social lives.

With so many benefits from our furry friends, it comes to no surprise how important and central mascots have become in our society.

Over the years, new services and products have become available so we can better care for our pets.  From luxurious shelters, exclusive cemeteries for dogs, to fashion items made exclusively for pets.  This blog shows snapshots of video collections from Europeana, related to pets trends over the years.

1920s animal shelter in the Netherlands

Taking care of our pet's health is crucial. For decades, owners have invested in providing the best health care for their pets.

For instance, this video from 1924 shows pet owners taking their animals to the veterinarian for eye drops, sutures and a teeth treatment. 

The expansion of the pet food industry

Quality food can make a great difference in our pets life.

This video from a Dutch newsreel in the 1970s shows the factory process for making cat and dog food. The video also recounts how the pet industry is expanding to other industries, like pet cemeteries. 

Animal acupuncture in Austria

Acupuncture, a medical treatment from China, has become increasingly popular in recent decades. Numerous people praise its benefits, and now it is also being used in veterinary medicine with all kinds of animals, mostly pigs and dogs. 

This video shows how in the 1960s, a veterinarian from Austria began to use this method on cattle. 

A lifestyle magazine or dogs and their owners

Dogs can be an important economic market. This video shows a news story about Das Hunde-Lifestyle-Magazin, a German lifestyle magazine that provides advice to dog owners and presents the latest trends on dog accessories. 

Luxury animal shelter for dogs

This video shows snippets of an animal shelter in Austria, where dogs, cats and even horses are taken care of. The news story also shows a dog cemetery. 

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