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Getting creative with stickers & effects - make your first GIF

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Last week we showed how to make a GIF from a vintage video. Today, we will show you how to boost artworks with effects and stickers available on GIPHY. Go to GIPHY’s GIF maker and upload a static image or a GIF (you can learn how to make one in this tutorial).

Once you’ve done it, get your creative juices flowing! You have plenty of awesome stickers to choose from, a few different captions styles. And if this is not enough - you can draw on your GIF as well. While the possibilities are infinite, below we’re sharing some ideas to get you started.

1. Googly eyes make everything funny

Try it on portraits for a guaranteed success! But if you’re in a mood for experiments, what about putting them on other things, for example, objects in a still life?


2. Let it snow (or rain)

Everyone loves to illustrate their daily weather struggles and joys with a cool animation, so express these atmospheric conditions on your masterpiece!


3. Time to celebrate

Think fireworks, balloons and confetti will look great on festive paintings. And look, we have a Pinterest board full of them!


4. Add some (con)text

A subtle description or a funny pun - you choose! The imperfection of the content can be masked by all the cool animations available!


Now you're ready to create your GIF IT UP submission!

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