Brighten up December with cultural heritage!

Jackek Kaminski, a Polish present-day shoe artisan, stand in a grey suit among shelves on either side and above him, all filled with brown wooden shoe molds.

Jacek Kamiński and his family have been artfully crafting shoes in Warsaw for over seventy years

The first and only Romanian President with a sceptre

Hats for women were wildly popular, until they weren't. Find out what happened to women's headwear throughout the last century!

Photo from a 2017 Black Lives Matter demo in Berlin. The women in the centre holds a poster that says: "Generation ADEFRA / black feminists say NO to racism, misogyny, homo-/transphobia, trumpism, fascism!"

How three organisations promote Black participation in politics

a woman dressed in a pink top and ochre-coloured apron carries an unfired clay sculpture to a workbench in a quaint workshop, light filtering in through windows on the left.

An interview on the values of craft with the director of the Crafting Cyprus documentary series, fashion critic and curator, Filep Motwary

colourful painting showing buildings on a lake shore with forested hills behind

How an Austrian lake inspired his art

cropped image, a black and white sketch of a man sitting beside a woman on a sofa

Exploring a curious collection of portraits by a landscape artist

black and white photograph of an outdoor, abstract sculpture

Public art in European locations by the British sculptor

A Black saint with mythical origins and a contested history

Explore some of the mixed-race royals of European history.

Sister Rosetta Tharpe facing the camera and looking to the top left, has her mouth open to sing, holding a microphone close to her chin.

Exploring the history of Black Gospel music in Museum Catharijneconvent

black and white photograph of a crowd of football fans in a stadium

Allegiance and collective spirit in football

A Black Madonna bust, on the inside of a round wooden box. With an inscription on the inside of the lid.

Statues depicting the Virgin Mary

image featuring two posters, one with a soldier holding up a rifle and the other showing a map of Spain surrounded by other countries

Exploring visual and political narratives

How TV Slovenia has portrayed autumn grape harvests, wine production, and wine culture on Slovenian television

cropped sepia-toned profile portrait photograph of Rosa Lemberg

'The first Black woman in Finland'