black and white photograph, a plane at night on an airport runway

Photos capturing dramatic scenes of Finland's first-ever airline hijack

Reflecting on the past and present

colour image of a black-and-white image seen through a Kinora motion picture viewer

How people watched moving images at home in the early 20th century

colour photograph, a panorama view of Toledo

How three buildings symbolise Toledo's religious heritage

colour cartoon image of a deer, rabbit and skunk

From environmental novel to famous Disney animation

an oil painting showing two nude women, one holding the other while the other's hands sprout laurel leaves.

Gruesome stories of women being transformed to escape men in Ovid's ancient Greek text

black and white illustration showing many women wearing national costumes

Museums which shed a light on people and culture

black and white photograph of a group of old men sitting posing in front of a mine building

5 sites across Europe that commemorate mining's rich industrial heritage

Exterior of the Rotunda Santa Marija Assunta in Mosta in Malta, part of a photo album of a journey through Southern Europe and the Middle East.

Explore Audrey Rose Mizzi's commentary on how Malta became a leader in LGBTIQ+ rights, created as part of the Europeana Digital Storytelling Festival Creative Online Residency

colour painting, a woman standing on rocks at a sea shore

Spanish artist who brought the beach to paintings

colour photograph, a small tomb building

An important site to explore the Islamic history of Serbia

Some horrible story highlights from Ovidius' ancient Greek text

colour photograph, a blonde woman wearing pink uses a headset and computer to look at a 3D model

A short history and possible future of 3D digitisation in cultural heritage

colour photograph of the interior of a cathedral with walls and arches covered in gold decoration

Exploring the Mediterranean island nation's religious cultural heritage

Discover Joseph Degabriele’s reflections on coming out, developed as part of the Europeana Digital Storytelling Festival Creative Online Residency.

Black and white photograph with ruined castle on a rocky outcrop, with lake and mountains behind it.

Could there by any truth to the claim in Mussolini's newspaper that his army killed the Loch Ness Monster?

Explore the hidden stories of resilience and cultural impact Eleni Maragkou created for Europeana's Digital Storytelling Festival Creative Online Residency.

Illustration of a ruined castle on a hillside

Discover the history of being LGBTQ+ in Belarus and Eastern Europe through Volha Kavalchuk's contribution to the Europeana Digital Storytelling Festival's Creative Online Residency.

Jane Avril by Toulouse Lautrec - an alarmed figure in a black dress and red feathered headpiece is arching her back away from a snake, whose head is by her chest

Find out how Aida Naasan Agha Spyridopoulou turned Toulouse Lautrec designs into animations for Europeana's Digital Storytelling Festival Creative Online Residency.

Ink and paper graphic of two figures with long flowing hair, kissing

Discover how Marina Schilke animated Peter Behrens 'The Kiss' using the pride flag for Europeana's Digital Storytelling Festival Creative Online Residency.