Reinterpreting how the coloniser frames the colonised

collage image of three photographs: a long, yellow dress, a black cocktail dress and a short dress with a floral pattern.

What is the history of the Balenciaga fashion house?

black and white photograph, people sitting in a parliament.

Discover educational resources about democracy and democratic values in Europe

a painting of La Pradera de San Isidro, crowds gather outside a hermitage in a mountainous landscape.

Who was San Isidro, the patron saint of Madrid?

Section of book cover with the words 'Museum Bums', and showing the bottoms of two figures - Venus and Mars - from an engraving by Angelo Bertini (after Canova)

Mark Small and Jack Shoulder’s 'Museum Bums' uses statues and artworks to explore public and social histories.

Unveiling the legacy of Vukosava Velimirović

painting showing various bottles in different colours and sizes.

The European etymology of alcoholic spirits

black and white photograph, a panoramic view of Paris.

Women in history who shaped Paris

Partisan, pioneer and politician of the European Union

black and white photograph, a woman writing at a desk by a window.

Discover the works of these influential female authors

Maria Montessori in a black dress, hair pinned up, looking down at a book she is reading.

The woman who developed a new way of teaching children

painting, blue and white rays of light shine from behind a mountain.

Painter who captured Arctic landscapes in Lofoten and northern Norway

A look at women transforming themselves to fight for gender rights during the ‘70s and the ‘80s

Anna Boberg's painting of a fishing harbour in the forefront still in shadow while the snowy mountains across the water are light up by sunlight

A look at women from the past and present who continue to inspire climate action

A smiling tomte, with long beard and a basket of presents on his back, holds his arms out in an open position. The words 'God Jul!' in the background.

Jenny Nyström was the first person in Sweden to make a profession from illustrating children’s books and became Sweden’s most productive painter and illustrator.

colour illustration with three women's faces in profile.

From Women’s Day to a women’s month recognition

black and white portrait photograph of Fern Andra.

From tightrope to silver screen

Black and white photograph

Inventor and entrepreneur Agnes Marshall was a Victorian celebrity chef. She founded a cookery school, wrote cookbooks, and published a magazine,'The Table'. Nicknamed ‘Queen of ices’, she is credited as having invented the ice cream cone.

colour photograph of Hill House, a gray building with a hedge and lawn in the foreground.

How Charles Rennie Mackintosh and Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh created a domestic masterpiece in western Scotland

Jānis Jankevics sits on a swivel chair, looking to the left of the frame in a room set up for photography. He wears a red baseball cap, a zip up sweater, dark trousers and dark shoes.

Jānis Jankevics uses the annual creative competition as a way for his students to hone their digital skills, and discover ready-to-use cultural materials from

black and white photograph, a group of African American soldiers along with two white men.

The hidden story of African American soldiers in the Netherlands

A makeshift building of various wooden panels, and a tarpaulin roof

Our 2024 residency has a new theme, new formats and new mentors - find out what it’s all about and how you can apply!

colour illustration, four women in a city street wearing fashionable clothes.

Download our #ColorOurCollections colouring book inspired by fashion