The hidden story of African American soldiers in the Netherlands

A makeshift building of various wooden panels, and a tarpaulin roof

Our 2024 residency has a new theme, new formats and new mentors - find out what it’s all about and how you can apply!

colour illustration, four women in a city street wearing fashionable clothes.

Download our #ColorOurCollections colouring book inspired by fashion

colour photograph of stained glass window showing Saint Brigid holding a lamp with a flame.

How a 5th century saint from Ireland is celebrated today

colour photograph of a gold coin with a profile portrait of Jakob Fugger.

The story of the Fugger family, who controlled Europe's economy and society in the 15th and 16th centuries

painting, crowds of people ice skating among trees and houses.

Exploring the Dutch artist's frozen landscape paintings

Cosmina Berta looks at a wall-mounted display of her artworks.

Cosmina Berta uses Europeana's rich resources to craft new art and narratives that inspire audiences and generate commercial success.

black and white photograph, a number of people in an office looking at equipment.

Discover a new way to explore what's popular on Europeana

an aerial photograph of an archaeological site, showing the ruined remains of old walls and buildings.

Discover the past and present history of a major European archaeological site in Burgundy

collage of three colour photographs: views of a bridge over a river in Bad Ischl, a red house near the sea in Bodø and a building behind a river in Tartu.

Cities in Austria, Estonia and Norway hold the title

two men hold colourful nativity scenes on the main square of Krakow

In Krakow, Poland, making nativity scenes is seen as a cultural tradition going back centuries.

colour photograph, jigsaw pieces falling out of a yellow cardboard cylinder tube.

From an invention by a London cartographer to competitive puzzling championships

Collage of multiple cross-sections through a single apple.

How apples found their way into everyday language from Shakespeare to Cockney rhyming slang

colour photograph, a close-up of the face of a statue of Anne Frank

From Anne Frank to Cornelis Lely: commemorating 20th century figures and events in stone

painting, crowds of people ice skating among trees and houses.

Play and create with Europeana

Visitors to the Maritime Museum, including one wheelchair user, look at a model ship in a glass case. Behind them are several portraits and an information board with the title Leuvehaven.

Weaving stories of port and city with present-day personal testimony

Black and white photograph of a small child biting an apple. A bowl of apples on a low table in front of them.

Symbolic apples from Adam and Eve to Isaac Newton, via fairy tale and ancient myth

An etching of an elk

From Dracula’s castle to coral reefs, experience world culture with this global webcam tour

colour illustration of two whirling dervishes, with yellow, orange and green clothing

Mevlevi music found its way to Europe through a combination of historical events, cultural exchange and the global fascination with Sufism and mysticism

colour drawing showing a view of Bregenz and lake from a hill.

Cultural connections between the UK and Europe