We share and promote European cultural heritage to be used and enjoyed by everyone for learning, for work, or just for fun.

Europeana provides cultural heritage enthusiasts, professionals, teachers, and researchers with digital access to European cultural heritage material. Why? To inspire and inform fresh perspectives and open conversations about our history and culture. To share and enjoy our rich cultural heritage. To use it to create new things.

We give you access to millions of cultural heritage items from institutions across Europe. Discover artworks, books, music, and videos on art, newspapers, archaeology, fashion, science, sport, and much more.

We love to see the creative ways you use what you find in Europeana, whether it’s teachers developing resources for lessons, developers using our open-source API to make games, or culture lovers creating gifs and telling stories.

We rely on the thousands of European galleries, libraries, archives, and museums that share our belief that access to cultural heritage is transformational - it empowers people and benefits society as a whole.

Thanks to their dedication to bringing collections online and their willingness to share, we can offer this large and diverse collection of trusted European cultural heritage to everyone.

We display cultural heritage material from over 4,000 different institutions - but we don’t work with each of them individually. Instead, a network of aggregating partners collects the data, checks it thoroughly, and enriches it with information like geo-location, or links it to other material or datasets through associated people, places, or topics.

For partnerships and information on how Europeana empowers the cultural heritage sector in its digital transformation, visit out sister site for professionals, Europeana Pro.

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