Európska identita

Objavte systematický obsah o európskej identite, našej spoločnej kultúre a histórii, ale aj o rôznych národných oslavách a tradíciách

Edičné prostriedky

Stalo sa pred 30 rokmi

Európsky parlament, pád Berlínskeho múru a znovuzjednotenie Nemecka

70th anniversary of the Schuman Declaration, 9 May 1950

On 9 May 1950, against the backdrop of the Cold War, Robert Schuman issued a declaration which marked the beginning of the process of building the European Community

Celebrations in Europe

Explore Europe's remarkable variety of customs and traditions in this special exhibition

Blue Skies, Red Panic

Take a photographic journey through 1950s Europe between east and west, and liberty and repression

Performers from the Eurovision Song Contest

Singers and musicians from the 65 years of the Eurovision Song Contest, as found in the collections of Europe's museums, galleries, libraries and archives

Carnival celebrations

Explore the magic of carnival through photographs, paintings and artefacts from across Europe.

Weddings and marriages

Discover wedding traditions across Europe through cultural heritage.

Maps of Europe

How cartographers and others have defined Europe, its lands and borders through maps

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Blogové príspevky
‘All of Europe is my country’

Migration and making a new life in Europe

Vzdelávacie prostriedky

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The Political Process in the EU

English, History - Secondary school

Celebrations in Europe Scavenger Hunt

A learning activity to implement remotly with your students English, Language subjects - Upper secondary

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Europe and Me

History, Philosophy - Lower secondary

Adventurous Journey Through Europe and Culture

English - Secondary

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Eurovision Song Contest and the EU

English, History, Language - Lower secondary, Music

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A União Europeia

History - Lower secondary, Upper secondary - Portuguese

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Medieval Society in Europe

Art, English, History - Lower secondary