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An illustration of the Arc de triomphe, in Paris. A frontal view of the monument on a sunny day. There are some people walking around it, and a few of them are horse-riding.
Napoléon et l’urbanisme au XIXe siècle

Découvrez l'émergence de la ville moderne grâce aux changements apportés à l'urbanisme en Europe sous Napoléon Ier.

 photographie en gros plan d’une pilule médicale blanche et ronde sur fond noir. Les mots « the pill » sont gravés sur la pilule.
La pilule

Comment un médicament révolutionnaire a bouleversé le cours de l’histoire

black and white photograph of female athletes in a race
Héros des Jeux Olympiques

Histoires des Jeux olympiques et paralympiques

Illustration of four types of parrots by Graceanna Lewis. Depicts a macaw, lory, ground parrot, and cockatoo (the last is a reproduction of an illustration by John Gould)
Women writing birds

Learn about the pioneering American ornithologists

Louise Weiss at the European Parliament
Louise Weiss, itinéraire d’une Européenne engagée

Let's look back at the life of a journalist, feminist activist, writer, filmaker and elected MEP.

colour medieval illustration of a man in blue robes who sits at a desk
The art of reading in the Middle Ages

A journey through society of medieval Europe

artwork of Juan de Pareja by Diego Velázquez, photograph of Nellie Cooman running and illustration of Toussaint Louverture
La vie des noirs en Europe

De la lutte pour la liberté et les droits à l'inspiration dans les arts et les domaines sportifs.

a double exposure black and white picture of the same entrance of a Chinese palace.
China in perspective

Discovering China through European heritage collections

Looted Library, Reconstructed Library

How Riga Jesuit College's books found their way from Latvia to Sweden

A man, in frame on the right, twiddles knobs on a large IBM computer, while a mirror on the left shows the rest of the office, filled with computers of varying sizes, in its reflection.
A century of technology

Read about groundbreaking 20th-century inventions in transport, industry, media and everyday life

Le prix Sakharov pour la liberté de l’esprit, le Parlement européen et les droits de l’hom…

Read about the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought and the European Parliament’s commitment to safeguarding human rights around the world.

Illustration of the view of Danube river
The Danube: connecting Europe

Explore the River Danube, which has inspired musicians, artists, engineers and holders of political and military power for centuries.

The Beaver’s Journey

Follow the European beaver on its journey to from Norway to Sweden in 1922.

La Charte des droits fondamentaux de l’Union européenne a 20 ans!

La Charte des droits fondamentaux de l’Union européenne a 20 ans!

Family Matters

Explore different family concepts and discourses, looking back at the 20th century.

Uncovering Hidden Stories

Explore an introduction to European archaeology.

C’était il y a 30 ans

Découvrez la chute du mur de Berlin, la réunification allemande et le rôle du Parlement européen

Magical, Mystical and Medicinal

Learn about the psychoactive plants and fungi

Solidarity: A Peaceful Revolution

Learn about a peaceful revolution: the August 1980 shipyard strike in Poland.

Echos of an Empire

Explore images of Byzantine instruments found in manuscripts and objects from daily life.