Tutvuge 20. sajandiga

Tutvuge 20. sajandi ajalugu ja kultuuri puudutavate kogude ning lugudega


A man, in frame on the right, twiddles knobs on a large IBM computer, while a mirror on the left shows the rest of the office, filled with computers of varying sizes, in its reflection.
A century of technology

Groundbreaking 20th-century inventions in transport, industry, media and everyday life

Family Matters

Explore different family concepts and discourses, looking back at the 20th century

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a group of jewish women sit around a table
Jewish Women in the 20th Century

A J-story virtual exhibit on Jewish Women in the Century of Change

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Videos and Podcasts

Stories to feast your eyes and ears on

three children are sitting at a desk, wearing headphones and laughing at what they are hearing.
Podcast: Century of Change

Listen to a podcast on the stories of Nobel Prize winners throughout the 20th Century

Luca Missoni in front of a board with different pattern designs.
True Colours

A Vlog Series with Luca Missoni - Europeana XX Ambassador of Change

How did we get so much stuff?

The rise of consumerism in the 20th century

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Haute Couture to Fashion Culture

In this final episode of Story Flix, take a sneak peek into the history of fashion in the 20th Century


black and white photograph of Titus Brandsma
Titus Brandsma

Explore the archive of Titus Brandsma, a Dutch Catholic martyr who was an influential priest and professor

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Journeys in the Fashion Archive

Discover the collaboration between EFHA and the Fashion Design department at the Università di Firenze

black and white photograph of a people walking in an urban street

Tracing the term ghetto through history across several centuries - from the Jewish ghetto of Venice to 'ghetto fabulous'

Otto Hahn

The so-called father of nuclear chemistry and godfather of nuclear fission.

black and white photograph portrait of Werner Heisenberg with a red square line drawn around him
Werner Heisenberg

Meet Heisenberg: a quantum mechanics pioneer and an icon of 20th-century science history


The animation studio that created the cartoons Polish kids grew up on

Remembering the Jews of Arab lands

The dissolution of the Jewish communities of the Arab world is commemorated on November 30.

black and white photograph of a group of men on a quayside by a large ship
Irish emigration

Exploring stories and oral histories relating to Irish emigration in the 20th century

a Citroen DS car rides through a busy city street in Europe in the sixties.
The history of cars

The 20th century car: from luxury and commodity to icon

beige badge with 1940 Olympic logo, photographed on a red background
Cancelled Olympics

Exploring the Olympic Games that never happened

Voices from the Past

Recordings, reports and more relating to migration, found on Europeana

Black and white photograph of two people with long hair and loose-fitting clothing sitting on a stone wall
The ways of counterculture

British, Dutch and German counterculture movements of the 1960s were much more than just being against the mainstream

stylised drawings of sleek women in fashionable thirties outfits
Suits for women

Suits for women, designed by women: questioning the status quo through fashion

colour portrait of Simone Veil
Simone Veil

Activist, feminist, politician and Holocaust survivor, whose life reflects high and low points of the 20th century

The Polish Film School

Investigating examples of how social changes of the 20th century have been reflected on pellicule.

Birth of the Cool

The emergence of the teenager in mid-20th-century Europe

The Kindertransport

Remembering Bravery within Tragedy

Flapper Style

The flapper style of the 20s is associated was an expression of a women's new-found freedom and style in fashion.

Fair representation?

LGBTQ+ in 20th-century photography and film.

Portrait of a Lady

Women in early 20th-century photography, film and advertising.

Tuschinski's cinema empire

Polish Jewish migrant Tuschinski established several cinemas in the Netherlands, particularly in Amsterdam and Rotterdam

Rosh Hashanna: Jewish New Year

For Jews around the world, the beginning of autumn is also the time of the Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashanna in Hebrew

Behind the Scenes at Eurovision

For most of us, the Eurovision Song Contest is a show we tune into once a year. But the Contest is much more than that.

From airport to artport

How changes in aviation policies introduced art to the airport

Travel gear for globetrotters

The importance of the journey as an integral part of travel rose significantly in the 20th Century.

Peddling health in the 20th Century

From the very start of the 20th century, nutrition was considered as essential to well-being as physical exercise.

Being pampered by the pool

Spas and wellness resorts in the 20th Century

Wellness revolution: body culture

‘wellness’ as it’s been known since the 1950s – has been at the pinnacle of human aspirations for many centuries.


Remarkable 20th century inventions

Every one of these inventions represents a remarkable venture into creative thinking by their inventor.

Journey to the 1970s

Explore this atmospheric set of travel pictures, postcards and videos, exuding the styles and flavors of the seventies.

Supermarket shopping in the 1980s

Offering large assortments, self-service and discount prices, American-style supermarkets took post-war Europe by storm.

Power houses

Electrification is considered to be one of the most important technological innovations of the 20th century.

Can you guess?

These products' design doesn't always convey their function. Can you guess what they were for?

DKW: the little wonder

DKW or 'Das Kleine Wunder' was a German brand of motorized vehicles that took the market by storm in the 1920s.

Snack away!

Our food habits thoroughly changed in the 20th century: snacking has become ubiquitous, with endless options.

Leif Ørnelund's colorful ads

A distinctive pallet, imaginative perspectives and clever compositions: the ads of Norwegian photographer Leif Ørnelund

black and white photograph of the facade of a modern circular theatre building, beset with a striking collage of glass windows.
Habima Theatre

Founded in Moscow, the Habima theatre company dreamed of a Jewish cultural renaissance through Hebrew.

a model walks down the catwalk in a soft beige-blue power suit
Power Suits

In the 70s and 80s, power suits became a way for women to establish their authority in a male-dominated world.

Nadine Gordimer
Nobel Prize winning women

This gallery celebrates outstanding accomplishments in Chemistry, Physics, Medicine, Literature and Peace.

Air Traffic Control

Ground Control's job is to make sure we reach our destination safe and sound

Schools in the past

These vintage classrooms paint a vivid picture of what school days used to be like.


Summertime is the perfect season for camping out


On the 2nd of October, the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, we celebrate the International day of Non-violence.

Colourful posters

These artful posters from around the world advertise beautiful travels and destinations.


Today’s airport is so much more than a doorway to the world.

a boy in a spacesuit holding a cracker
Having fun with space

Space traveling is cutting-edge science but can also be serious fun

Travelling in style

luxury luggage, first-class fashions, and stylish accessories

Scouts and girl guides

A global youth movement founded in 1908


Since the early 20th century, caravans have been a holiday home away from home

Heroes of medicine

Discover gamechangers in the history of medicine, a tribute to healthcare workers keeping us safe and healthy every day.

Family Matters

This exhibition explores how the 20th century changed family life

Three women are drawn in pencil on a red background, represented being engaged, married, and divorced.
Laws and Regulations

Families are the fundamental group unit of society. But who decides what constitutes a family?

A person hugs a bunch of children that crowd around, possibly orphans.
The weight of war

Never were people’s lives so heavily impacted as during the two World Wars, which was deadlier than any other conflict.

A large extended family wearing colourful clothing poses for a picture
Kith and kin

Coined in the 1920s, the term ‘nuclear family’ refers to a compact family unit of two adults and their children.

More Family Matters

Explore the full Family Matters exhibition

Sirvige 20. sajandi kogusid

a man with a mullet, steel frame glasses and a thick moustache holds a handful of barbie dolls, proudly showing them to the camera.
Günter Ackermann

The 20th century chronicle of German press photographer Günter Ackermann

Interior of a home in the seventies, with a white tube television on a white dresser filled with books.
Bonytt interior design magazine

Flip through the Norwegian interior design magazine Bonytt, giving you a glimpse into the homes of the 20th Century

Swedish Army Uniforms

Geared up for war!

Post-War Germany Advertisements

advertisements showing stereotypes and consumerism in post-war Germany.

Missoni Archives

Archives of the Italian luxury fashion house Missoni.

Duty of Conscience

An 8-part Polish documentary series on World War II.

Spanish Civil War

A collection of footage on the Spanish Civil War from Filmoteca de Catalunya.

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Stylish sunglasses

Fashionable shades from throughout the 20th century.

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Aviation on film

Videos all about airplanes and flying.

Polish children's television

Stills and excerpts from Polish children animation shows.

a stylised poster that reads 'Stoffe der Wiener Werkstätte'
The Wiener Werkstätte

Discover the artisan cooperative that pioneered modern design and influenced the Bauhaus and Art Deco

two astronauts on the surface of the moon, deploying testing equipment.
Fact & Fiction: Stories from Space

These visuals show both iconic and mysterious stories from the press covering life in the cosmos.

From the workshop to the field

In this video gallery, craftsmen and -women from Germany and Central Europe show their outstanding skills.

Customs from Central Europe

A video gallery of content exploring customs from Central Europe, from TIB.


A video gallery depicting beekeeping and beekeepers from throughout the 20th Century

Mid-century Finnish Modernism

the American Embassy in Oslo (Norway), dated 1959, is an architectural gem designed by Finnish modernist Eero Saarinen.

The Fashionable Fifties

Clothing styles from the 1950s


colour advertising photograph, a group of people pose on chairs in a living room setting
Karl-Erik Granath

Still-lifes by advertising photographer Karl-Erik Granath, scenes which capture the essence of their time

Emilio Pucci

Don Emilio Pucci, Marchese di Barsento: a 20th-century fashion icon

Julius Neubronner

Vlogging circa 1900: Julius Neubronner's home videos.

Signed by Dora

The glamourous portraits of Austrian star photographer Dora Kallmus.

Charles Dekeukeleire

Watch short movies of Belgian director Charles Dekeukeleire.

Krzysztof Kieślowski

Learn more about the Polish film director Kieślowski.