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If you love Christmas, you will definitely enjoy this gallery

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Fiat, the Agnellis and the Italian automotive industry

Bernardo Bonezzi, Carlos Berlanga and Pedro Almodovar in the programme 'La edad de oro'.

A process of social and political evolution

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How Audre Lorde made Black and feminist history in Germany

Music on the move

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How TV Slovenia has portrayed autumn grape harvests, wine production, and wine culture on Slovenian television


Learn about important examples of political propaganda from the 20th century that help us reflect on our world today

A woman with curly hair waving the pride flag while walking down the street in a crowd of people.
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Opening the future to the dreams of the past

Group of people sitting in front of a train carriage. They have sacks and baskets with their belongings.
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Marking 100 years since the end of the Greco-Turkish War

After the end of the Franco dictatorship, a vibrant counterculture emerged in Spain

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The origins of the world’s oldest film festival

Nicolae Ceausescu was the leader of the socialist Romania for 24 years

black and white photograph of a protest parade

Exploring the Olympic Games from a political viewpoint: protests, boycotts, controversies and conflicts

Spain is a pioneering country in the recognition of the rights of the LBGTQ+ community

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The stories of refugees and immigrants throughout Europe as seen by RTVE’s cameras

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How Slovenia helped to create World Bee Day

From the early 20th century until today

a black and white photograph of a weary-looking Aldo Moro in a suit and tie staring straight into the lens, in front of a backdrop of Italian town façades.
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A seminal event in Italian political history

How Slovenia’s tourist gems promoted sustainable tourism and local cuisine in the 1980s

How Europeans commemorate and celebrate liberation from from fascism and Nazism

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Women on Greek public television from the late 1960s to today

cropped black and white photograph of Raffaella Carra
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Beloved Italian entertainment icon: a singer, dancer, actor and television star
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From collective experience to solo binge

Domenico Modugno in a shot from the early 1960s. Winner of three editions of the Sanremo Festival, including the one of 1958 with the famous song “Nel blu dipinto di blu”. Photo Archivio Luce - Cinecittà. All rights reserved.
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72 years of the Sanremo Music Festival

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Selected broadcast reports from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland

colour photograph of an airplace spreading water over land
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How the media has reported on historical wildfires across Europe

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Watching the evolution of Dutch agriculture on TV

Silhoutte figures standing on a red mound joined by intermittent orange and yellow lines representing an advertisement for 'Living with AIDS' by the Zentrum for AIDS-Arbeit [Centre for AIDS work] in Augsburg. Colour lithograph by Juliane Stiegele. - Wellcome Collection, United Kingdom - CC BY-NC.

TV testimonies shedding a spotlight on discrimination and stigma


Noticieros y noticias de televisión que documentan cómo la ciencia a luchado contra la pandemia con la vacunación

Clips of political messages from audiovisual archives