Newsreels and TV news about vaccines

News reports documenting how science has fought pandemics with vaccination. From polio in the 1950s to swine flu in the 21st century, public awareness through research, trustworthy information and governmental campaigns has been crucial.

Grippe H1N1 : les Français peu enclins à se faire vacciner
Les médecins généralistes autorisés à vacciner contre la grippe A
Vaccination against polio. Danish Newsreel no. 58G
News 07/08/2003
Protect yourself against polio. Danish Newsreel no. 47A
News bulletin 28/4/2005 (A vaccine against rotavirus)
An important victory of science. Jones Silk, researcher at University of Pittsburg, develo…
The Pasteur Institute in Lille
Headline questions: H1N1: a big fraud?
The anti-tuberculosis stamp
Vaccine against poliomyelitis
News bulletin 27/7/2006 (A vaccine against avian flu)
Vaccinations in France
A new anti-poliomyelitis vaccine producted in France
Century journal- Institute of Serums and Vaccines
Research for a Prototype Vaccine against H5N1 Virus
Malaria: The Long-Awaited Vaccine
Research for Africa
Let's save them!
The bird flu epidemic
Impact of Swine Flu in Ireland
Swine Flu - 104 Cases Confirmed in Ireland
Pioneer vaccine