Ressourcer om videnskab, medicin og pandemi-historier

The long view of vaccination and immunology


Explore news reports showing how science has fought pandemics with vaccination


How Swede Beda Hallberg battled a pandemic with small paper flowers


Discover gamechangers in the history of medicine, a tribute to healthcare workers keeping us safe and healthy every day.


Florence Nightingale is celebrated as a founder of modern nursing and data visualisation in field of medicine.

Play with you students this scavenger hunt about pandemics and related topics

Ressourcer om indespærring og social afstand


Around the world, masks are used for protection, ceremony, tradition and fashion.

A humorous look at social distancing and other coronavirus measures through cultural heritage GIFs

An eagle flies from island to island, as far as the arid hilltops of Saint Helena. Throughout his life, Napoleon often found himself rather isolated – both physically and socially.

Depictions of historical relationships in times of social distancing


Discover how artists across Europe have been inspired by and depicted domestic scenes and settings.


Explore how washing hands and cleanliness have been depicted through the ages.


Games like chess, checkers, card games and board games are great to play when you're stuck inside


Today we often hear the words utopia and dystopia used in informal conversations and in the media

Læringsscenarier om pandemier

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Adult education, English, STEAM - Upper secondary, VET

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Art, English, History - Secondary

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