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Sporting stories

Explore stories of sporting heritage from across Europe

colour team photograph of a rugby team who wear a red and white kit, with managers and non-players wearing suits
Rugby's 50 years in Girona

Watch a documentary celebrating a half-century of sport

colour illustration of a cricket player holding a cricket bat
Clackmannan County

Exploring the history of a Scottish cricket club

illustration of a rose and thistle with words England -v- Scotland on a purple background
England -v- Scotland

Reporting on a match from 1928 when Scotland's footballers were the Wembley Wizards

colour image of two men wrestling in white costumes watched by a crowd
Lucha Canaria

In the Canary Islands, wrestling is a traditional sport - part of the folklore of the islands

colour photograph of three silver trophies
Boat Race trophies

Appreciating the Oxford and Cambridge University Boat Race Trophies, contemporary silver masterpieces

cover of a booklet with word 'How to play the old course St Andrews' and a green silhouette of a golfer
St Andrews Old Course

A guidebook for playing Scotland's finest golf course

black and white photograph of a crowd watching a football match, standing in front of a detailed scoreboard
Sporting divides

How antisemitism in post-war football matches in Hungary was portrayed by the Communist authorities

black and white photograph of group of people with a cow and plough
Ploughing championships

Agricultural tests of skill and agility

black and white photograph of gymnasts in formation

Denmark's first sports school was founded in 1920

colour painting with blue tones showing naked men swimming and sunbathing at a swimming pool

Scandinavian and German art celebrating sport, bodies, nature, health, youth and strength

black and white photograph of a Latvian football team
Latvia football team

Discover the history of the Latvian national football team in the 1920s and 1930s

colour photograph of a silver medal with pink and yellow ribbon on which is word 'Friendship'
The Gay Games

Exploring the history of the tournament which promotes acceptance of sexual diversity

black and white photograph of a number of horses and jockeys jumping fences

Discover the Irish roots of the first steeplechase race

black and white photograph, group of men playing quoits, one quoit is flying through the air
Quoits: Yorkshire game

Discover a traditional game played in villages across Yorkshire and other parts of the UK

vintage colour postcard with a sailing boat and rowing boat on a lake in front of a number of buildings and trees
Balaton's Blue Ribbon Race

The history of an annual sailing race on Hungary's largest lake

colour photograph, a group of people walking along a road
Vierdaagse in Nijmegen

The Four Days Marches in Nijmegen are the world's largest multiple day marching sport event

black and white photograph, four male athletes with shamrocks on their sport shirts
The Tailteann Games

Irish sporting competitions in the 1920s and 1930s

colour illustration of athletes walking by a large number of flags on flagpoles with Edinburgh castle in the background
Commonwealth Games Scotland

Go Scotland! Exploring the history and archives of Commonwealth Games Scotland

colour photograph of three red and white sport shoes and one blue and white show, with a yellow background
Tisza sport shoes

An icon of Hungarian sport, this is the story of shoe factory in Martfű

photograph of an Ancient Greek relief showing a young man playing with a ball
Football's classical roots

Exploring links between football and ancient Greece and Rome

image with green background showing icon of comb and scissors, pestle and mortar, axe and parachute
Unique championships

Hairdressing, pesto, logging and parachuting - 4 championships in sports you may not know

black and white photograph of a number of people on bicycles
Utrecht, city of cycling

Cycling history of the Dutch city with the country's first bicycle path

black and white photograph, group of men with a rugby ball
Salvador Dalí, rugby fan

The story of how Salvador Dalí supported a Girona rugby team

black and white photograph, men in a row walking while holding large flags
Workers' Olympiads

International sport competitions in the 1920s and 1930s for members of labour and workers associations

colour illustration of a Philips advert showing cyclists
Advertising Philips Radio

Striking illustrated advertising commemorating the 1948 London Olympic Games

black and white photograph, a man making boxing gloves
Boxing glove factory

Archive photographs bring us behind the scenes of WEHA, a German sports equipment factory

six young women lined up at the beginning of a running race
School sports

Explore archive photographs of sporting activities at a girls school in Dublin

Lonkero drinks

Lonkero are Finnish long drinks invented for the 1952 Olympics


Biographies and stories about athletes and teams

Ben Bril

Youngest-ever Olympic boxer, who survived the Holocaust

black and white photograph of a man in a canoe
Anton Geurts, Dutch canoeist

From a homemade canoe to Olympic silver

colour painting of gymnast Věra Čáslavská doing a gymnastics move
Gymnast Věra Čáslavská

Icon of Czech gymnastics who subtly protested Soviet invasion at the 1968 Olympics

black and white photograph, woman ice skating with her arms raised
Sjoukje Dijkstra

Champion figure skater who was the first Dutch gold medal winner at the Winter Olympic Games

sepia photograph of a woman standing side-on to the camera wearing a swim suit
Fanny Durack

Irish-Australian who won the first women’s Olympic swimming medal

black and white photograph of Kay Espenhayn
Kay Espenhayn

German swimmer in the Paralympic Games who won multiple medals

grainy black and white photograph of Leone Jacovacci who flexes his arm muscles
Leone Jacovacci

Afro-Italian boxer who was Italian champion in the 1920s, angering fascists

Black and white photograph of Knut Lundstrøm in an ice sledge
Knut Lundstrøm

Norwegian Paralympian who won 21 medals across four different games

colour photograph of Kathleen McKane Godfree playing tennis
Kathleen McKane Godfree

Champion tennis player in the 1920s who won Olympic medals and Wimbledon titles

black and white photograph of Jesse Owens running
Athlete Jesse Owens

The 1936 Olympic champion who battled poverty and racial bigotry with sporting success

Pole-vaulting into politics

Władysław Kozakiewicz’s 1980 Olympics gesture

cropped black and white photograph of Dorando Pietri running
Dorando Pietri

How an Italian marathon runner won and lost the 1908 Olympic marathon gold medal

(öppnas i nytt fönster)
Trude Pritzi & Richard Bergmann

Table tennis world champions from Vienna

Boxing champion Max Schmeling

German boxer Max Schmeling was world heavyweight boxing champion of the world in the 1930s

Lilly Steinschneider wearing a pilot costume, she is holding her eye protecting goggles and her pilot cap in her right hand
Lilly Steinschneider

Hungary's first female pilot who conqueried the skies in 1912

Éva Székely, swimmer and survivor

Hungarian Olympic gold medallist who survived the Holocaust and lived through the 1956 Revolution

black and white photograph portrait of Johnny Weissmuller who wears a swimming singlet
Johnny Weissmuller

From Olympic gold medal swimmer to Hollywood leading man

Colour photograph of Esther Vergeer playing tennis
Esther Vergeer

Dutch tennis player who was unbeaten for more than 400 matches

Club of the Eagle

The history and heritage of Sport Lisboa e Benfica

(öppnas i nytt fönster)
Legends of La Liga

'Pancho' Puskás and the Hungarian 'Golden Team' of the 1950s who made their mark on Spanish football

Olympics & Paralympics

Explore histories of the Games

five Olympic rings in metal
Politics and the Olympics Games

Controversy and conflict in Olympic history

black and white photograph of female athletes in a race
Olympic Heroes

Visit our exhibition and explore the stories of athletes from 125 years of the Olympic and Paralympic Games

black and white photograph, wheelchair user athletes parading in a stadium in front of large crowd
The Paralympic Games

Histories of the games for athletes with disabilities

(öppnas i nytt fönster)
Olympic Games posters

120 years of symbolising the games, host cities and sport

colour photograph of a brightly coloured toy dog
Olympic mascots

Origins of the mascot that bring the Olympic spirit to life

The Olympic Games

Your sporting stories

Since 2020, people have been sharing their sport stories from around Europe, either online or at collection day events.

Read sport stories

Explore sporting stories submitted by people across Europe

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black and white photograph, a gymnast on parallel bars
Dela med dig av din sportberättelse

Berätta för oss om din sportupplevelse genom föremål såsom fotografier, souvenirer, utrustning eller priser.

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Europeana Sport

Ta reda på mer om vårt Europeana Sport-projekt

black and white photograph, group of smiling boys in a stadium
Collection days

Find out more about our Europeana Sport collection days events and activities in 2021


A  group of women standing in a circle with raised arms, performing at the gymnastic festival.
Women, sport and dictatorships

Gallery of propaganda images for sport events where women had to confront idealised stereotypes of their bodies.

black and white photograph of a group of footballers who wear suits
Black footballers

Photos, films and memorabilia showing Black footballers who have played in teams across Europe

circular pin with image of head of a bearded man with text in Greek and the number 1906
Sports souvenirs

Memorabilia that show support and remember sporting events through history

black and white photograph of a hurdler jumping over a hurdle

Discover vintage photography of athletics, with track and field events, races and athletes from across Europe

black and white photograph of a number of female gymnasts in formation

Discover vintage photographs from different times in history showing gymnasts from across Europe.

black and white photograph of 4 men holding a surfboard
Surfing and windsurfing

Explore images and films of surfing and windsurfing from cultural heritage collections across Europe.

painting of a man playing billiards or snooker
Art and sport

Explore this gallery showing how artists have been influenced by and portrayed sports and games

photograph of a statue of a wrestler
Sculpture & sport

Explore these statues and sculptures inspired by sports, athletes and bodies in motion.

black and white photograph of a protest parade
Olympics Games and politics

Exploring the Olympic Games from a political viewpoint: protests, boycotts, controversies and conflicts

colour photograph of a football team wearing red football kits
Football teams

Explore vintage photography of football teams across Europe

black and white photograph, portrait of a man on see-saw like sport equipment
Sporting portraits

In the early 20th century, people's passion for sport led to them having formal portrait photographs taken

Sport posters

Posters from across Europe for sports and sporting events

Skiing & ski slopes

Sport, speed and snow

Arenas and stadiums

Sporting venues from across Europe

Medals and trophies

Celebrating sporting achievement in gold, silver, bronze and other materials

Rugby in Europe

Sport photography, memorabilia and artworks relating to rugby played by professional and amateur teams across Europe.