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Nove zgodbe

women take part in the harvest of wheat in a Ukrainian field. A child holds a baby in her arms on the side of the field. A backdrop of gently sloping hills and a blue sky dappled with a few clouds constitute the background.
Izjava o solidarnosti z Ukrajino

Europeana Initiative izraža solidarnost s prebivalci Ukrajine.

Mass Media & Propaganda

Learn about important examples of political propaganda from the 20th century that help us reflect on our world today

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Embroidering Memories

Minds, hearts and hands enriching the future of fashion

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Reading Medieval Coins

What coins where used in the Middle Ages and how far they travelled

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Analogue days

On air and on the move: radio stories

When Walls Talk!

Discover pan-European exhibition examining history through the lens of posters

black and white photograph of opening event for the 1920 Olympic Games
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The 1920 Olympics Games in Antwerp

Travel back in time and learn the daily life of European citizens in the early 1920s

colour team photograph of a rugby team who wear a red and white kit, with managers and non-players wearing suits
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Rugby's 50 years in Girona

Watch a documentary celebrating a half-century of sport

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Sodelujte v naših projektih ter uživajte v naših sestavljankah in igrah.

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illustration with woman holding a megaphone and stylised splashes behind her
Digital Storytelling Festival

Join our creative contest bringing people and cultural heritage together

black and white photograph of a young woman holding a horn-like musical instrument and a bag with an image of the horn
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Dajte svoje zgodbe v skupno rabo

Zares radi bi slišali vaše zgodbe o migraciji, športu, delovnem življenju ali prvi svetovni vojni.

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Portrait of Alphonse Leroy, seated at a writing desk in red garb and wearing a blue and red turban. Alphonse is holding a quill and stares directly at the viewer.
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Nedavne galerije uporabnikov
Camille Saint-Saëns

Collections relating to the French composer, organist, conductor and pianist
Clara Schumann

One of the most distinguished pianists of the Romantic era

Slovenian tourism in the 1980s

How Slovenia’s tourist gems promoted sustainable tourism and local cuisine in the 1980s

colour illustration of three yellow and silver fish swimming above a coral reef
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Nedavni predmeti

Landscapes with metamorphoses: Jupiter and Calisto

Londerseel, Joannes van, (1578-1624 or 1625), (printmaker)

Leiden University Libraries

Woman watching the setting sun from the dunes

Israëls, Jozef, (1824-1911), (artist)

Leiden University Libraries


State Polytechnic Museum at Ukrainian National Technical University "Kiev Polytechnic Institute"

Aerospace and aircraft instruments

Davidkin BI; Kozlov IJ; Asaturyan TB

Scientific and Technical Library of the National Aviation University - Научно-техническая библиотека