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Meet four people from history who reacted to the negative changes in their environment.

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Star-crossed lovers in classic literature: Depictions of historical relationships in times...

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Self-service: a short history of supermarkets

Supermarkets have been the main way we shop for groceries in Europe since the 1950s, giving us more freedom by allowing us customers to choose our products.

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A lasting impression on museology and Egyptology: Richard Lepsius and the Neue Museum in B...

Richard Lepsius, a Prussian archaeologist, is seen as a pioneer of German Egyptology, for dispelling the idea that Ancient Egypt was a static unchanging culture.

Social distancing in cultural heritage GIFs

A humourous look at social distancing and other Coronavirus measures through cultural heritage GIFs

Astrid Lindgren: storyteller of childhoods

Mostly known as an author of the beloved books for kids around the world, Astrid Lindgren was also an outspoken supporter of children rights and animal protection. Learn more about her life in this blog.

From Folies Bergère to Order of Saint Dominic - the incredible life of Liane de Pougy

The story of Liane de Pougy: a courtesan, a princess and a saint - all in one lifetime.

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Anna May Wong: challenging the stereotypes of Hollywood

Anna May Wong (1905-1961) became an icon in Hollywood cinema who challenged the scene and fought to humanise Chinese roles.

Countess Constance Markievicz, Irish freedom fighter and revolutionary

Constance Markievicz was a leader in the fight for Ireland's independence and a political pioneer. She was the first woman elected to Westminster parliament, and among the first female cabinet ministers in Europe.

Photography pioneer: Anna Atkins' algae cyanotypes

British botanist and photographer, Anna Atkins was a pioneer in photography: she produced the first ever photographically illustrated book and is widely recognised to the first ever female photographer.

Saint Gregory’s Day - the Slovene Valentine’s Day

12 March in Slovenia, is Saint Gregory's Day, a version of Saint Valentine's Day, which is celebrated as the start of spring with customs and traditions.

Monica Zetterlund, jazz singer and Swedish Sensation

Swedish singer and actress Monica Zetterlund's long career lasted for several decades, bringing acclaim for her Swedish jazz singing and worldwide cinematic fame.