Celebrações sazonais

Descubra como diferentes países e culturas celebram a passagem das estações e como as suas tradições têm sido moldadas em torno da natureza.

Ocasiões e tradições sazonais

Black and white photograph with a girl, a fluffy dog and three boys playing snowball fights
Snowball fights

Children and adults alike get playful when it's snowy outside.

Black and white photo. A young boy holding up a mistletoe on top of a young boy who is leaning in to kiss a smiling young girl
Under the mistletoe

Kissing under the mistletoe is a well-known Christmas tradition. Across many cultures from the past

12 coloured baubles in a light brown box with a lid
Christmas ornaments

A gallery of colourful decorations for Christmas trees

Christmas Markets

Take a look at our gallery of markets organised in many countries during the weeks of Advent

O Christmas tree

Christmas trees, decorated with tinsels, baubles, lights, candles and more, are symbols of the holidays all across Europe. Enjoy this gallery of Christmas trees, and happy holidays to all from us at Europeana.

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Chinese New Year

Learn about all about Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations.

black illustration of a shamrock on a yellow / sepia background
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Shamrocks: an Irish symbol

Why the shamrock is a symbol of Ireland thanks to Saint Patrick

Celebrations in Europe

Explore Europe's remarkable variety of customs and traditions in this special exhibition


Midsummer is celebrated across Europe in June, marking the longest day of the year.

Easter Eggs

Easter eggs from across the continent, decorated in a variety of ways and techniques

Saint Gregory’s Day – the Slovene Valentine’s Day

Meet St. Gregory, the 6th monk who became Pope and the patron saint of schoolchildren and scholars.

Carnival celebrations

Explore the magic of carnival through photographs, paintings and artefacts from across Europe.

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Busó-walking in Mohács, Hungary

Learn about Hungary’s oldest and most famous carnival tradition, which banishes winter and welcomes spring.

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Roots of Mother's Day

From earth goddess festival to family feast - did you know that Mother’s Day has its roots in ancient traditions?

Pride: parades and protests

Pride parades are a celebration of queerness, a protest against normativity, and a cry for equal rights.



Enjoy depictions of spring in Europeana, filled with birds, flowers and sunny skies with dappled clouds.

Autumn in Art

Autumn has inspired artists for centuries. This gallery shows how artists have depicted the harvest season through colourful paintings and drawings.

Winter wonderland

Here are some scenes in paintings, photographs, drawings and more of how people across Europe and the world celebrate and enjoy life when the weather gets colder.