Conheça as pessoas que moldaram a história e a cultura musical da Europa

Adrian Willaert and the foundation of the Venetian School

Composer Adrian Willaert was born around 1490 in the Low Countries, and moved at a young age to Paris to study law at the Sorbonne.

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From the New World

How Czech composer Antonín Dvořák brought sensibility and genius to the United States.

Prelude in Gothenburg, finale in Prague: the Swedish adventure of Bedřich Smetana

In the eyes of many Czechs Bedřich Smetana is their finest composer.

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Austrian composers in exile

Austrian Mediathek takes a look at the lives and works of three composers who escaped persecution in the 1930s.

Autographs, operas and tubas: Richard Wagner

The life and works of the influential composer Richard Wagner (1813–1883).

From Georg Friedrich to George Frideric: Händel’s miraculous migration

In the early 18th century London was an eldorado for musicians, offering fame and fortune .

Percy Grainger: shanties, folksongs and letters to Grieg

Meet Australian-born composer and pianist Percy Grainger.

César Franck: the “Pater Seraphicus” of modern French music

Discover the life and work of the brave Belgian who altered the course of French music history.

Jazz Greats

A selection of jazz artists on Europeana

Viva Verdi! The composer beyond the music

How many performers can boast such a wide impact on fields other than music?

Beyond Amadeus – the forgotten operatic legacy of Antonio Salieri

How many people today know the operas of Antonio Salieri?

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Music manuscripts & correspondence

Explore this blog featuring beautiful music scores with a focus on Antonio Salieri

Cenários de aprendizagem sobre música

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Creating Acoustic Levitator

History, Music, Secondary school, STEAM - Upper secondary, VET

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Element of Rhythm in Multiplication

English, Music - Primary school

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Photism-Creating Music with Art

Art, Learning Scenarios, Music, Primary school

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The Encounter of Body and Music

Art, Learning Scenarios, Music, Upper secondary

Recording music from gramophone to MP3

English, History - Lower secondary, Music

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Creating your own music

STEAM - Upper secondary

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From Music Notes to Math

Art, English - STEAM

Music and Rhythm, Time and Space

Art, English, History, Music - Lower secondary, Primary school