Dê cor à sua vida com estas cores selecionadas da Europeana

Editorials about colours


Explore the colour blue - the colour of the sea, the sky and sorrow


In this gallery, we explore the colour pink, often associated with charm, romance and sweetness. Want to #ColourOurCollections? Check our latest colouring book.


Rainbows have been used as symbols for centuries, from biblical scenes to heraldry to the symbol of pride. This gallery shows all the colours of the rainbow in manuscripts, posters, paintings, and more.


Sometimes just one colour is enough! Find your favourite in this multicoloured theme of monochrome pieces from Europeana Fashion's collection.


Explore the colour green, the colour of nature, acceptance, emeralds, envy and more.

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From archaeological glass to Art Nouveau

Learning scenarios about colours

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It’s a Colourful World

English, Language subjects - Primary school, Secondary school

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Colour-blind Women

Art, English - Primary school

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Colour of the Sky

Art, History - Upper secondary

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Women in History colouring book

Art, English, History - Primary School