Hallirhoa costata
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Hallirhoa costata


    • Specimen of a fossil sponge, Hallirhoa costata, collected from the Inflatum Zone = Dispar Zone, Lower Greensand Group of Early Cretaceous, Late Albian age from Warminster, Wiltshire (SW England). This fossils sponge shows many features that are typical of the group including a sack like body, a central opening and pores. Its flask-shaped body has very clear folds in its wall and was attached to the sea floor by a stalk. The sponge lived in a quiet low-energy area of a warm shallow sea. It pumped water through its wall, from the outside into the body sack and fed on the particles of food that it filtered out of it. The specimen was found in Wiltshire. It is from the Cretaceous period (144 - 65 million years ago)


  • Temporal:

    • Cretaceous period (144 - 65 million years ago)


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  • Location:

    • Found in Wiltshire
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