The Mill, Sturston, Ashbourne | Root
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The Mill, Sturston, Ashbourne | Root


    • This upright timber, a post from the former mill, was erected to act as the goal for the Up'ards team in the Ashbourne Shrovetive Football Game. The former mill was demolished in March 1981. The Shrovetide Football Match was first recorded in 1682, though it is thought to date back to the 12th century. Many attempts were made to suppress the game over the years, but by the 1920's it had become part of local life, and was even given the title 'Royal' after Prince of Wales was invited to kick the game off. The Game is played annually on Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday, and consists of two teams, one consisting of anyone born to the north (Up'ards) of the River Henmore, and one from people born to the south of the river (Down'ards). The goalposts (this one here at Sturston and one at Clifton) are three miles apart, and the aim of the game is to strike to post with the ball. The ball may be kicked, carried or thrown. The game usually starts at 2pm and can last for many hours, finishing well after dark.





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