Concept and research: Tom Miles and Ad Pollé
Exhibition text: Tom Miles, Ad Pollé, Beth Daley (editor)
Exhibition producer: Małgorzata Szynkielewska


Further reading and listening

If you enjoyed this exhibition and would like to learn more about the subject, here is some suggested further reading and listening material:

- Les forêts de Ravel (novel) by Michel Bernard

- The cello in wartime (cd) by Steven Isserlis, audiofiles (excerpts)

- The House of Wittgenstein (biography) - Alexander Waugh

- And the band played on: How music lifted the Anzac spirit in the battlefields of the First World War (non-fiction) by Robert Holden

- Wie der Erste Weltkrieg die Musik beeinflusste on Deutsche Welle 

- Reproducing Traces of War: Listening to Gas Shell Bombardment, 1918 by Brian Hanrahan, 7.7.2014 

- How the talking book was born, Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)

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