Runway Archive: Jurgi Persoons A/W 2001
24 November, 2017

Taken from a different perspective than usual runway pictures, this photo by Etienne Tordoir captures one of the looks of Jurgi Persoons’ a/w 2001 collection.

Jurgi Persoons a/w 2001 fashion show, photo by Etienne Tordoir. Courtesy Catwalkpictures, all rights reserved.

In the picture, the model is wearing a grey wool coat with curly edges and white stitching; under it, an asymmetric knitted jumper that has been cut and sewn together not to make the stripes of its pattern match. The jumper is worn over a grey shirt and a white skirt in light fabric that allows to see the silhouette of the legs wearing dark stockings. The model, whose make up consisting of white powder sprayed on her face, is standing still as a statue in front of a panel printed with a patchwork ofwooden and metallic materials.

As that of the picture, the designer’s perspective on fashion can be defined as unusual and off-centred too. A graduate of Antwerp’s Royal Academy, Persoons is considered part of second wave of Belgian designer that took over international recognition – the first one consisting in the famous Antwerp Six and Martin Margiela. His crude and fiery take on fashion resulted in often raw pieces in dark fabric that incorporated details of the seedy and dark imagery that found form also in his campaigns. Persoons stopped in 2003 but he became the director at the Textile and Fashion Department at KABK in The Hague, mentoring students towards an industry that he has faced fearlessly.